Far Cry 5’s Cult Is Here With More Mayhem In The Mountains

Far Cry 5

New vignette videos for Far Cry 5’s cultist leaders have hit the web and they show off how creepy they will be and just how much mayhem they will cause in Far Cry 5

Just when you thought there was enough of Far Cry 5 already out there for us to take in before March 27th, we get a whole lot more to dive right into. In the case here, we are going mostly in on the villain side of things as Ubisoft has given us some nice new videos of the cult's leadership and just why we need to fear them in the game. Well, at least why the citizens of Hope County fear them or have joined them already. They do need to have minions of sort or Far Cry 5 would be a pretty short game if all we had to focus on were the four main leaders of it all. I think it is easy to say that these will all be "boss" fights or missions of sorts.

There has been no hiding the fact that Ubisoft was digging into the whole cult thing in Far Cry 5 and some of the darker aspects that actually occur in the real world. You can see all of that right here in these new little videos as they do give off a creepy feel to them all. Granted, this is most likely the darker side of it all that we will need to see to set us off on a mission as I cannot believe this would be anywhere near their public face of things. Even if they are ready to take on the government and military in Far Cry 5, I do not think they would rise to power with tactics like this for the public. Have a look and get a feel for it all yourself though.

Far Cry 5 — The Father — Cult Vignette

Joseph became the leader of the Project at Eden’s Gate after he heard a Voice whisper to him, telling him that the world was headed for a Great Collapse. The voice gave Joseph a single directive: “Save as many as you can. Whether they want to be saved or not.”

Far Cry 5 — John Seed — Cult Vignette

John’s doctrine is “The Power of Yes.” As the reaper for Eden’s Gate, John will use intimidation and even violence to secure resources vital to the Cult’s survival. Anyone who tries to interfere with the cult will face a merciless death…Unless of course, John has another use for them.

Far Cry 5 — Jacob Seed — Cult Vignette

“Preparedness through pain” is Jacob’s mantra. As the Cult’s recruiter and a former Army marksman, big brother Seed’s main duty is protecting the Project at Eden’s Gate.

Far Cry 5 — Faith Seed — Cult Vignette

Once you fall under Faith’s spell you can’t escape. As Joseph’s voice, Faith acts as a divine instrument of chaos to keep the congregation in a state of bliss.

Now, if you came here hoping for a bit more on the gameplay side of things for Far Cry 5, then you are also in luck. It is also needed to wash out that taste of creep from above. Although this latest video does dive into a bit more on what horrible things the cult is doing there, like why they are taking the wolves, we also get to see just how much fun and lighthearted it can be. There is even a bear named Cheeseburger that you can bribe with fish to help you out. That makes Far Cry 5 look to be a better balance of dark to light in my book; even if said bear is going around shaking cultists like rag dolls while we watch. All in good fun at the end of the day…

Far Cry 5 — Mayhem In The Mountains Gameplay

Far Cry 5 launches in just under a month, so it’s time to visit a new region of Hope County: the Whitetail Mountains, a rugged land of trees, ziplines, and tons of opportunities to snipe cultists and blow stuff up. Montana’s mountain country is a paradise for stealthy players, with plenty of forests to hide in and wingsuit-friendly cliffs for getting the drop on enemies, and it’s home to some of the toughest people you’ll meet in Far Cry 5.

Did you need to take a shower after seeing the cult in action here for Far Cry 5? Do you think this will be the only side of the cult we get to truly experience or will there be sections where we get to see their public and less violent side? Were you worried that the absurdity of "hiring" a bear would not be in the game or do you think it was just well timed to showcase? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. There is still time for more Far Cry 5 to come out and when it does, we will have it here for you. Stick around so you can keep up on all of it before launch.