Become A Virtual Ape In Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes

Planet Of The Apes

A new virtual reality game has been announced, Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes, and it aims to take us into the Planet Of The Apes story in a new way

A new VR title has been announced for all of us out there with Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes coming on April 3rd for the PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. Yes, we are getting yet another installment into the Apes franchise from Imaginati Studios, but through a VR studio FoxNext as well. Both have been known to put out some decent content and now we are taking the Planet Of The Apes story into the virtual space. Not the biggest of shocks given how everyone wants to milk the franchise, but this time it will be through the eyes of one of the Apes and not the humans. So you can be a human virtually pretending to be an Ape out there trying to kill humans.

Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes is slated to be an action-adventure title that takes place between the stories of Rise and Dawn, but in the fifth year of the Simian Flu. Hopefully, you have been keeping a close eye on all of the lore of the franchise and can pinpoint where we are in all of that. We will be placed in the role of Specimen 139, another intelligent ape, who is trying to escape a scientific facility run by some "bad humans." We will need to climb, shoot, jump, and all of that jazz to escape and also help a few others in the mix get back Caesar. Almost the staple of the Planet Of The Apes games, just on the non-human side as we mentioned.

In terms of gameplay for Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes, we will have full use of our hands in the game via the controllers and we will need to duck and move from cover as we would in the real world. Movement in the game will not be based on a "glide" or "warping" system but will require us to make the same motions that an ape would to climb and get around. So it will not be a room-scale movement kind of thing, but we will need to flail our arms and grab things to hoist ourselves around. That sounds like it could be better than some of the other ways movement is handled in VR, but we will not know for certain until we get more gameplay than we have to look at below.

Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes — Announce Teaser Trailer

Five years since its outbreak, the Simian Flu has wiped out half of humanity and left other primates… evolved. Now at the crossroads of two species’ destinies, you are an ape with advanced intelligence, captured and held prisoner in a heavily guarded scientific facility as mankind desperately searches for a cure. Your mission: confront human aggression as you climb, jump and shoot through the chaos of an apocalyptic world to escape with your fellow apes and return home to Caesar.

What are your thoughts on Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes? Do you think that we needed yet another title in the franchise or do you like the idea that we are getting one in VR here? Do you think the movement in the game will work just as well as described or will it be a mini-warp system that we will hopefully not notice as the character moves around? Let us have your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and then discuss. If there is more for Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes, we will get it up on the site. Be sure to keep checking back in to see all of that as it comes.