Biomutant's Creation Process Is More Expansive Than We Thought


During the PC Gamer Weekender more of Biomutant was shown off and it looks like the character and weapons of Biomutant will have many combinations mixed in

Last week we all had a nice treat as THQ Nordic released a small gameplay trailer for Biomutant that was filled with some elements that felt a little out of context. Not for the game itself, but how it was strung together just did not make much sense but still made the game look cooler. As it turns out, this was a gameplay trailer that was built off a full presentation Experiment 101 had during the PC Gamer Weekender where they went further into a few things for Biomutant. Most of us that were not out there or watching the live streams would have known that and thus we had what we had.

Now that a bit of time has passed and we can view said presentation online, we can see just how it fits into Biomutant as well as have a look at the customization system a bit more and how some of the upgrades will work in the game. As it turns out, right from the start of the game we are not only crafting our character's look but also his stats based on all of that. Like if we have a bigger head than normal, our intelligence stat is higher. If we are bulkier then our strength is higher. Hopefully, you get the idea here and can extrapolate from that. The only thing that does not have an effect on stats in Biomutant is the color of the fur we select as that is just the fun part we can do as well.

In terms of upgrading in Biomutant, it sounds like there will be three different "trees" we can go with. Each of which has their own character or system we have to go through. Old radiation chambers to go through psionic ability additions and upgrades, a bionics expert to add on new mechanical bits to our body, and then some green pools that will allow us to edit our genes again and progress further than where we started at in Biomutant. It sounds interesting, but could also be a bit of a bog as the world is open and it sounds like some of these we will have to actively search out and not just be able to find at "hubs."

Biomutant — PC Gamer Weekender 2018

The developer of Biomutant discusses with us the future of the game right here at PC Gamer Weekender 2018.

There is also a bit more on the weird mechs that we were able to see in the gameplay from before here for Biomutant. There is yet another character in the world that is building them and upgrading them as needed, but it looks like their use will be in specific areas where we will need the extra protection or gear. Nothing too specific was mentioned here by Experiment 101, but as it looks there will be locations with limited air or hazards that we will not be able to handle on our own. That is where we hop into these big things and use them to get around and do a few things in those areas. We are out to save or destroy the world and we will need everything we can get.

How are you feeling about Biomutant now that you have seen all of this extra footage for the game and have been given more insight? Do you like the idea of having to travel around the game's world to find these upgrade sites or do you think that they will still be generally in the same area to keep the game flowing? Does it make more sense now about the mechs we have seen or do you still need more to get an informed opinion about them all? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Biomutant as we can dig it up, make sure to keep yourself on the site. We know there will be more for you and hopefully soon.