The Zombies Are Coming So Get Ready To Throw Anything

Throw Anything

A new VR experience, Throw Anything, is coming to our homes soon and we can get a taste of what to expect here for Throw Anything right now

If there is one thing that gamers love with VR it has to be zombies and weird experiences with them. At least that has to be the thought here with Throw Anything that is coming from VisualLight. I mean, Throw Anything is a new VR title heading to Early Access on February 28th here that will place us in a high-rise room that has zombies climbing up to it and our only defense is to literally do what the title of the game says. Thankfully, said title also means that we can indeed hurl anything and everything at the zombies to stop them.

You are most likely thinking that I am making this up at this point. On the surface Throw Anything does sound a bit "farfetched," but I assure you it is going to be a thing here soon. In fact, you can look just a bit lower to see just what the game will have in store for those out there who have a Vive, Oculus, or other system that works with SteamVR. Pretty much what has been mentioned there, but again given how Throw Anything sounds on paper I figured I would cover all the bases out there before sending you right out to look at it all.

Throw Anything — VR Game Trailer

A VR action defense game that throws all the things around you to prevent powerful zombies from climbing buildings inside isolated tall buildings around the world!

Are you ready to drop the zombies crawling into your room?

Throw everything around! If you can't throw, break it and throw it! Use a variety of objects and survive the Zombies!

If that piqued your interest there for Throw Anything, then so note again that it will be out there for Early Access on February 28th for $16.99 USD. At least for the HTC Vive/SteamVR. Plans are there to bring it over to the Oculus and PSVR but those are being held until a later date. At least for now. If you still want to see more for Throw Anything as we all wait, have a look at more gameplay below as the player takes you through five different levels and waves all with new things to break and throw. We even get to throw bullets at some point…

Throw Anything — Game Play

Key Features

  • Throw any object within reach — humans included.
  • Take on 5 challenging stages about to be overrun by the zombie horde.
  • Defeat 4 mid bosses and 5 powerful “main” bosses!
  • Collect additional loot to survive the onslaught.
  • Enjoy laying waste to fully destructible environments.

What are your thoughts on Throw Anything as it all looks right now? Does it look the gamer's dream VR title to come or will it be a fun little thing for the company to keep us entertained for a short while? Do you like the fact that things can be broken down smaller yet still have the same impact? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Throw Anything as it comes, just be right here. We will put all of the new information we can get for the game on the site so you do not get left out.