Far Cry 5’s Ecology Is More Than Just Set Dressing

Far Cry 5

Another look at the wildlife of Far Cry 5 is here and we get to see just how we will get to hunt them or be hunted when we dive into Far Cry 5

If there is one thing that the franchise has been known for before Far Cry 5, it is the fact that there will be some fun interactions with wildlife in the game. Sure, before now some of the games have only included them in to make the world feel a bit more realistic, but Ubisoft knows that is not the only aspect we want in the games. We want to be able to hunt them down or to have to add another concern to our list as we are trying to just enjoy the game. Okay, maybe not the latter there, but that does not change the fact that the wildlife of Far Cry 5 will be more realistic and involved than before.

Hunting Far Cry 5 is an optional thing, but in the latest video for the game, it looks like it will be one of the things that we can earn a lot of in-game cash with. At least in areas where the cult has taken over and have been rounding up all of the wildlife for weird experiments. Why a God-fearing cult would want to play god in the game I am not sure, but it will be there. I guess we can just use the excuse that it is Far Cry 5 and that we should not be surprised by the shenanigans that will be going on there. Just know it will be a thing and we will need to deal with it in our own fun ways.

All of that aside, Ubisoft also wanted to make sure they were not just random things running around in Far Cry 5 for us to hunt and kill. They will also be in there to hunt and kill us, the cult, and other animals in the game. This is a full ecology that they are going for and not just some thrown in things to fill up the world. See a bull locked up in a compound? Piss it off and set it free to do some of your work. Out fishing and see a bear? Maybe get ready to run or fight as it too could be looking for food and you may just be it. See a skunk wandering around or a wolverine? Maybe steer clear as they will "skunk" you or try to eat your human meat. You know, like they would in the real world.

Far Cry 5 — Who’s Hunting Whom?

The wildlife of Montana plays a pivotal role in Far Cry 5, and if the cult doesn’t get you, those animals definitely might.

Does any of this shock you about Far Cry 5 or will it all be something new for you to experience in a video game here? How much time do you think you will actually spend in the game hunting and fishing or will you be running and gunning more than that? Why do you think that the "God-fearing" cult will be playing god on some of the animals in the game? Let us have all of your thoughts and theories down in the comments. If we are able to dig up more for Far Cry 5 before March 27th, we will place in on the site here for you. Be sure to come back often to see it all.