See Just How Good Of A Boy Boomer Will Be In Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

We have yet another look at one of Far Cry 5’s heroes for hire and it is Boomer again just to see how the team made the dog in Far Cry 5 feel just perfect

With March 27th quickly approaching, it seems like it would be a good time to dive into more of those heroes for hire in Far Cry 5. We have seen a whole lot of them in the past few weeks and I am sure we will see more from Ubisoft as the time ticks down. Here we go again though with just a bit more and for the one "hero" of Far Cry 5 that has had a lot of attention, Boomer. That would be the dog for those who have not yet memorized that information since he was first fully showcased a year ago. There has been a lot, but now it looks like there is more on how he was designed for the game.

While the new video we have here does not have much in the way of truly new gameplay for Far Cry 5 featuring Boomer, we do get to see just how the character came to life and can be used in the game. For those wondering, his model is based off an Australian Shepard and you can look at the other videos to see how he joins up with us in the game. The design choice, like almost everything in Far Cry 5, all stems from what the team saw while on location in Montana. Not a huge surprise, but everyone out there tends to have a dog of sorts and this breed seemed to be the most popular one out there. It makes sense for the location.

We should also know by now that Boomer will be more on the stealthy side of gameplay in Far Cry 5 as he can wander around "undetected" in the streets and scout out enemies in the area. I guess that builds into the fact that everyone has a dog out there and they are too commonplace for even our enemies to wonder why it is snooping around their compound. That or why it is stalking the wilderness keeping an eye out for other threats besides the cult out there. Boomer is said to have a sixth sense to detect incoming dangers for us when out there in the wilds. Another good thing here as Far Cry 5 will be having the same level of vicious animals stalking the wilds as well.

Far Cry 5 — Boomer Is A Good Boy

We take a closer look at Far Cry 5’s lovable companion Boomer and how he was created for a uniquely Montana experience.

With each new video, does it look like Boomer is going to be one of your go-to characters in Far Cry 5 or will others offer up the same level? Do you think that enemies will stay on alert if you order Boomer to attack, he kills off said enemy, and we stay completely hidden? Do you think that a different breed should have been used by Ubisoft for the companion? Let us and the world know what is on your mind down in the comments and then discuss. I am sure there will be more for Far Cry 5 in the coming days and weeks. We will have all of it on the site just for you, as long as you keep checking back in.