Milu Is Bringing The Land Of The Dead To Nightmarchers


The next deity for Nightmarchers is here and showing off the powers that Milu will grant us in Nightmarchers that will be all covered in death

Hopefully you are ready for the next of the Hawaiian deities of Nightmarchers to be shown off to you as that is what we have here. Granted, you most likely would not have clicked in here if you did not want to see what Wyrmbyte Studios had for us this time, but that does not change the content at all. More so as this time we get a good look at the ruler of the dead in Nightmarchers and the abilities granted when Milu is freed in the game. That is at least how it sounds like these will come and not just be available from the start. I may be wrong, as the team is still working on the funding side with Fig and just about halfway through doing that.

As it looks here, Milu will be bringing along some of the otherworldly abilities to Nightmarchers and not just rain down death as one may think. We will gain an Akua Cloak to use as one of the abilities and it looks like it is a form of invisibility or high-end stealth. It looks like we will get cloaked in darkness that keeps enemies from seeing our location or that we are killing them. At least until we actually take the action as that does seem to break it. No simple running around on a killing spree where no one can see us in Nightmarchers it seems. This is a good thing though.

The other ability granted is Spirit Possession and it does what I believe you will think it does. More or less, it allows us to fire off a spectral arrow at a target. Once they are hit, we get to take over all of their bodily actions. For how long, there is no time limit shown here. What we do get to see is that it is a tactic that will allow us to hop in and kill off our enemies without actually going in on our own. A nice way to stealth our way through Nightmarchers and lead to a lot of crazy fan fiction afterward about their buddies going crazy for no reason. I dig it and it makes more sense than just raining down death and destruction.

Nightmarchers — Akua Video Featuring Milu

Milu is the haunting Ruler of the Dead in Hawaiian culture. He is the spirit from another dimension. Freed from a rift between worlds. Milu comes with all kinds of gifts for your character. Milu teaches you the ability to control another spirit allowing you to attack others from afar by possessing one of the other raiders.

What do you think about Milu here for Nightmarchers? Does this like the ability tree you will be going down when it is unlocked or will you rely on the other less-stealthy options to make your way through? Do you think there is a time limit on the possession or will it be until the other NPCs kill that host? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments. There is still time to help fund Nightmarchers as well as get more information out there for the game. We will keep bringing it all to you and hopefully beyond after it is funded.