The Peterson Case Will Show Us The Horrors That Could Have Been At Roswell

The Peterson Case

New gameplay for The Peterson Case is here to help us see how the Roswell incident could have been a true horror show and not all fun and games

Almost everyone out there has heard of the Roswell UFO incident and what happened out there. If not then get ready for a whole new take on it with The Peterson Case as it is taking that whole event and turning it into a dark horror title instead of the happy Sci-Fi thing that pop culture has made it. This is not the first announcement for the game that Quarter Circle Games has made for the game, but here we do have some great new gameplay footage to see and get a feel for just what to expect in The Peterson Case when it does come to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A release date or window has still not be set, but good things take time and from what I can see here that is just the case.

The footage you are about to see can seem a bit disjointed if you are not given the basics that we do have for The Peterson Case, so here we go. We will be taking the role of a detective named Franklin who is looking into the titular case. He will be moving around the Peterson home looking for clues and collecting evidence. The house and evidence within will be randomized with each playthrough of The Peterson Case making each feel just as alien as the last. There will also be story points in the game that will flash us to different locations and times to better understand how everything unfolded to the point everything is as. That will be the part of the footage below that will seem a bit jarring, but knowing that should help explain it all.

The Peterson Case — 1947 Alien Horror Game

Quarter Circle Games are excited to announce The Peterson Case. A first-person horror game set shortly after the 1947 Roswell Crash.

In a location near the Roswell UFO incident. You will play as an experienced detective who has been called in to find information and clues about the mysteriously missing family. Franklin soon discovers that there is an unearthly presence within the house that is hot on his trail — but can he solve the crime before it is all too late?

The Peterson Case strikes the perfect balance between atmospheric horror, suspenseful narrative, and engaging puzzles. Taking the player through a unique experience which is rare in the horror genre.

As I mentioned, The Peterson Case is still in development with no release date or window set. It will be launching on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC when it does launch. It is also being built to be VR capable or at least have some capabilities to use VR. If that will only be on the PC version for a specific device or open to all down to the PSVR is still yet to be known. Either way, it looks like a great mix of all of those alien horror games with a bit of P.T. and Layers Of Fear mixed right in. I know I cannot wait to see more.

What are your thoughts on The Peterson Case as it looks and stands right now? Was it a bit jarring to you to see the location and time jumps here or do you think it will make a lot more sense in the grander scheme of it all? How do you think they will keep the narrative flowing if almost everything is set to be randomized each time we play? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on The Peterson Case as it comes, be sure to check in on the site. We will keep everything we can up on the site for you so you can also start to piece everything together.