We May Be More Human Than We Though After All In Vampyr


The third of the behind the scenes videos for Vampyr is out there now and this one gives us a bit more on the human element we will have to tussle within Vampyr

Here we go with just a bit more for Vampyr as the third episode of the behind the scenes series is out there now and showing us a bit more on how Jonathan will still be human after he is turned. DontNod has been pretty forthcoming with the fact that every NPC in the game will have some kind of meaning and each death will have its toll on the overall story. That is why it does not come as much of a surprise that this is the focus again for Vampyr here but with a few new bits of gameplay and interesting facts about the "human" element we are going to experience in the game. We cannot all be bloodsucking fiends and expect to not have any consequences for it all now can we? Maybe there will be that option in the game…

Anyways, to further drive home that all lives matter in Vampyr here, it looks like we are going to have a bit of feedback from the poor or not-so-poor soul we just consumed as we will get their final thoughts fed to us. Not just some generic NPC talk, but something that makes them feel like a real character in the world and not some great XP fountain of blood. Again, a very heavy point that the team has driven home since the beginning. The goal, of course, is to help further the story of the main character and the world as we try to become the apex predator but also keep our own humanity at the end of the night. Remember, we get big XP bumps based on draining the life-force of these NPCs, but it could alter the world or lock out parts of the story due to said death. A demo I saw back at E3 completely shifted the current storyline because of an innocent death.

Have a look at the latest for Vampyr just below. It definitely looks like the team is taking good care to deliver on what was promised back at the start. Now if only we had a release date or window beside Q1 or Q2 of this year. That is like half a year to be looking at to get into the fun that is being crafted here.

Vampyr — Episode 3 — Human After All

In Episode III: Human After All, DontNod reveals how integral each districts citizens are, both in terms of gameplay and narrative. Players will need to gain XP for Jonathan Reid to evolve new powers and grow stronger, but the most lucrative way to earn this is not through quests or defeating enemies in battle. Instead, the most effective way to get stronger is by killing and feeding on the various citizens living within the game’s four districts. Players are able to increase the XP from each citizen, by curing their illnesses and gaining more insight into their lives and emotions — but the price can be immense.

As explained by Stéphane Beauverger, Vampyr’s narrative director, players will hear the dying thoughts of every citizen they choose to sacrifice. This gives a bittersweet poignancy to every death, as DontNod wants players to not consider these citizens as nameless blood bags. In addition, each dead citizen will erode the status of the district they belonged to, with too many resulting in the population evacuating districts and causing them to be overrun by Skals and worse.

Does this get you more excited for Vampyr or just reinforce what was already known for the game since it was first announced? Do you think that we will get to see some truly heartbreaking stories mixed in to keep us on the straight and narrow or will they be fleeting things as we all rush to vampiric superiority? Do you think that we will get a release date after the next video drops next week? Give us all of your answers and more down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Vampyr, be sure to stick close to the site here. We will keep all of these updates flowing to you like an opened vein.