Here Is How Remaking A Masterpiece Like Shadow Of The Colossus Goes

Shadow Of The Colossus

A new behind the scenes video for the Shadow Of The Colossus remake is here and it goes further into how the team rebuilt Shadow Of The Colossus from the ground up

If you have not seen enough of the Shadow Of The Colossus remake yet and cannot wait until February 6th for the game to finally hit the PS4, then, as you most likely guessed, we have more to look at for the game. Another look and behind the scenes from Bluepoint Games on how they rebuilt the game and chose not to just do a remaster. Things we have seen a few times, but now we have a look at more of the colossi in Shadow Of The Colossus and how they are going to look with more polygons and work done on them. That and how the team took some of the old geometry and just fixed it up a bit to work with the new version of the game, but also keep the feel of the original. You know, to make sure the hardcore fans of the franchise were also appeased and not let down. That was nice of them.

You can spy the latest video just below and know that it does house a bit more footage of the Shadow Of The Colossus. There are also some looks at the other colossi that have yet to be featured in past videos so you can see how they are going to look in the 4K HDR version of the game. Another great reminder that we will have the final build of the game out next week and ready for our play. Also, a great reminder for those purists out there that this version of Shadow Of The Colossus will also be using a new controller scheme from the start to entice newcomers to the game, but there will be an option to go back to what you remember if you so choose. I am not sure if the original scheme will hold up to the standards of today, but the option is there for those who want to punish themselves a bit more.

Shadow Of The Colossus — Remaking A Masterpiece

How do you approach remaking a game as beloved as Shadow Of The Colossus? Why even touch the original, to begin with? To find the answers, we traveled to Bluepoint Games in Austin TX to learn about how they undertook the massive Shadow Of The Colossus remake for PS4, and why it can be important to update classic games of generations past. Shadow Of The Colossus launches on PS4 on February 6th

Are you just ready for this version of Shadow Of The Colossus to come out or have you played the game enough already that you have little care for now? What do you think of the new changes that we will be seeing here or do you think that they should have completely altered up some of the colossi and moved away from the base version? Do you think this will be just a step before we get a full new title for the franchise or will this be the next cash-in we will shell out cash for? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on the Shadow Of The Colossus remake, keep checking in here. We will keep bringing you everything that we can as we head toward the launch date and then beyond.