Meet The Architects Of The Obscure For The Upcoming Vampyr


The second episode of Vampyr's behind the scenes series is out now and this one takes us deeper into the areas of Vampyr's London and the music for the game

The next episode of Vampyr's new video series is here and it is here to take us deeper into the world's areas and districts as well as some of the sound design. We have seen some of this in the past from DontNod and have been given some of the explanations, but here we go with a bit more. A nice look at the four different districts Vampyr will house and have us doing all the vampiric stuff that we are going to do. Including killing or not killing everyone in the area. It is a game of moral choices and consequences, but that is not the focus here for this episode. It is about the areas we will be stalking.

In terms of major districts for Vampyr, it looks like we have Whitechapel and the Docks that look to be the main transport areas that are filled with poverty and crime. Also more than likely to have more of the deformed and bestial vampires in the mix. Then there is the West End or the "rich area" of London, in the game where the Ekons will mostly be doing all of the machinations and such. Lastly, we have Pembroke Hospital. The place where Dr. Reid practiced before everything went to the place it does in Vampyr. I am not sure we can call this a district, but it will be here and I guess that means it will be a rather large area than we may have thought before. I guess we will find out…

In addition to all of this, we have a look at how some of the music and audio for Vampyr was crafted and will affect the game. Obviously, there is a larger team working on it, but here we get to see Eric-Maria Couturier play some of the music on his Cello. It adds the right feeling and atmosphere to the game for sure, so it is a fun little look and where the majority of the new gameplay for Vampyr is placed in this video. Have a look and then get ready for the next video to drop next week.

Vampyr — Episode 2 — Architects Of The Obscure

In Episode 2: Architects of the Obscure, DontNod reveals the areas of London that you will explore and impact during your time in Vampyr. Each of the four districts has their own distinct style and groups of citizens, which can flourish or perish depending on your actions. Whitechapel and the Docks are ravaged by poverty and crime, while the West End benefits from a wealthier population―and is the district of choice for Ekons plotting in the shadows. Pembroke Hospital gives Dr. Reid the opportunity to put his medicinal skills to great effect while tempting the doctor-turned-vampire with helpless citizens that hold him in a position of trust.

This latest episode also introduces the music of Vampyr, including insight from composer Olivier Deriviere. He discusses how he developed the game’s original score with consideration for its unique setting and atmosphere, as well as how the inner dilemma Jonathan faces translates into the music. Eric-Maria Couturier, of the Paris Ensemble InterContemporain, drives Vampyr’s soundtrack as solo cellist, and here offers an exclusive performance that showcases his unique style.

Do you have any new thoughts in Vampyr's districts now that we have then better laid out here? Do you think it is odd to consider the hospital a full district or do you think it will be a lot more sprawling than just a building that we have seen and make up a full district? How do you feel about the audio direction that we have here and do you think it is more fitting than you expected? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to comment. We will keep the coverage for Vampyr coming for you. Be sure to keep checking back in to see it all as we move forward toward a possible release.