It Is Time To Take Down A God In Rune: Ragnarok


A pre-alpha look at Rune: Ragnarok is here and it gives us a small taste of what the world of Rune: Ragnarok will look like and just what we will need to do

It is time to add more to the Norse Mythology video games list out there, as we now have more for Rune: Ragnarok. In fact, we have some pre-alpha video footage of the game that Human Head Studios was nice enough to put together to give us all a look at their title after being announced not so long ago. You have to love things like that, and now we have a look at Rune: Ragnarok to go along with all of the other stuff that the team is putting out there. I mean, they do need to get us all out there to try and help end Ragnarok in the game's world as it is still going on and only the mere mortals can stop it all.

For those who missed the announcement of Rune: Ragnarok the first time around, this is another open-world RPG title that will place us in the universe of the Norse gods and monsters. Ragnarok has been triggered, but the gods have not died and the mortals live on in perpetual frost and fire. It is up to our team of humans to set out, set things right, and end Loki from doing what he is doing so the world can be reborn and things can go back to normal a bit. More god killing and more mythology are to be had here and we are the only ones built to do just that. As the normal RPG thing goes and such.

Rune: Ragnarok — Pre-Alpha Trailer

Rune: Ragnarok is a sandbox, open-world RPG set in a dangerous Norse universe where gods, beasts, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive. It was foretold that during Ragnarok, the gods would fall and the Nine Realms would be consumed by frost and fire. This was foretold…but this is not what happened. The Nine Realms are frozen and crumbling under the weight of war while the gods live on. Now, mankind must rise and do what the gods could not — survive dangerous lands, engage in brutal melee combat, take down Loki, and end Ragnarok.

In addition to an intense RPG experience, cooperative PvE multiplayer allows you to form clans with your friends to raid, loot, and end Ragnarok together. Or, engage in brutal PvP combat and destroy your enemy’s base. Regardless of your chosen path, it is up to you to defeat giants, dragons, beasts, and the undead to end Ragnarok. It is only through the complete and utter destruction of Loki and his minions that the world will be reborn.

Are you ready to take down a god?

I will say that it does look like the whole Norse thing is making a huge comeback with not only Rune: Ragnarok but also many other titles coming soon or soon-ish. Not that I am complaining, but it does feel like we are taking a turn and heading toward a new path for the story in games. Maybe it is just time for this kind of thing to shine or something? Either way, I will say that Rune: Ragnarok does look a bit intriguing and depending on when it launches, it could have some mighty shoes to fill in. Something that looks like Human Head Studios has under control if what we just saw was truly pre-alpha footage. Many other games out there are not as well put together at that stage and that could be a telling thing for Rune: Ragnarok.

What are your thoughts on Rune: Ragnarok after seeing this new footage? Do you like how it all looks and do you think the team is heading down a very successful path so far? Do you think we are about to get oversaturated with Norse games here that it could fall through the cracks to some of the other titles with bigger studios at the helm? Let us have those thoughts and concerns down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we learn more for Rune: Ragnarok, you will learn more. At least if you stick around on the site here. Do just that and you will not be left wanting for anything in video games.