Here Is How To Make A Monster In The Upcoming Vampyr


The first behind the scenes video for Vampyr is out and it gives some great insight on how they made their monsters in Vampyr

Here we go with the first behind the scenes video for Vampyr and to kick it all off it is one that shows off just how the monsters of the game were made. I am not talking just about the monsters that will be out there stalking the world and causing us issues, but also how DontNod created the vampiric society and different "classes" of the vampires. Also how the protagonist of Vampyr has been altered over time and by the events of the game as well. At least to start out as I am sure we will need to wait until this Spring to see the exact reasons when the game lands on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. That would make more sense of it all as we do not want to spoil who the mystery vampire that turned him is. If that is a larger point of the story at all that is.

There is some new gameplay to see mixed in here for Vampyr, but it flashes by quickly or is not focused on so there is not much context to build from there. What is interesting is that, as I mentioned, there are very distinct different classes of vampires in the game. I am not talking as in classes like a traditional RPG but in a social and societal way. It looks like we have the Ekons, the traditional style of vampires that are all fancy and high-classes, the Vulkods, who are the more bestial and savage style of vampires out there, and then the Skals, which are the 'Nosferatu' style of vampires who skulk in the sewers and look to be born of the Spanish Flu issue that is going on in Vampyr. All of which fits in well with a lot of the more modern mythologies for the creatures.

Vampyr — Episode 1 — Making Monsters

DontNod Entertainment, developers of Vampyr, invites fans to their studio for a first insight into the creative process behind their upcoming action-RPG. In the first episode of this original weekly four-part web series, produced and realized by the video department of Focus Home Interactive, DontNod unveils exclusive gameplay footage while delving into their signature approach and reasons behind putting players in the role of a predator. The three following web series’ episodes will release weekly every Thursday.

In Episode I: Making Monsters, DontNod gives more information about Jonathan Reid, the doctor-turned-vampire that players will step into the shoes of in Vampyr. Freshly turned, Reid’s ‘condition’ unveils a dark new reality, thrusting him into a once-hidden society of wretched creatures like himself. Ancient Ekons plot from the shadows, terrifying Vulkods prowl the streets at night, and cursed Skals hide in the darkest places of the city.

I do find it interesting to learn more about Jonathan Reid, Vampyr's protagonist, and more of the mentality we will be going into here. Before, it was known that he was a doctor and dealing with everything going on with the Flu and becoming a vampire in the first place. Now we learn that he is a man of full science before his transformation and will have to deal with the world-shattering realization that the supernatural does exist and not everything can be solved with science. That has always been a fascinating storytelling aspect I have enjoyed and am glad to see it will be in Vampyr in some way. Hopefully, it will not be shrugged off shortly after he is turned and is something we will need to deal with in the game. It would definitely add some extra drama to a base story that should be filled with it in general.

I was worried that these videos for Vampyr were going to be nothing more than a bit of fluff to keep us engaged until the release date was set. Now I am glad to see them coming for the next three Thursdays as it does look like the team is not just trying to carry us along but also give us something to get excited over. Granted, this is the first video and the others could be just fluff, but it has been a good start to it all so far and am even more excited for Vampyr to finally launch. Fingers crossed that it is the first part of Spring and not near the end.

How do you feel about what we just learned for Vampyr here or were you looking for just more gameplay to pine over? Do you think that the scientist aspect of Jonathan will be tossed out after being turned or will it be a sticking point throughout the game? Do you think that we will see other kinds of monsters in the game or will it be the humans and these three different types of vampires here? Let us all know your thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. We will surely have more for Vampyr in the coming weeks so be sure to stick close to the site to see and hear it all.