God Of War Has Evolved Quite A Bit From What We Once Knew

God Of War

More behind the scenes information for God Of War is out there now that explains how God Of War has evolved to where it is now as well as the removal of mechanics

The information for God Of War continues to flow out there as Santa Monica Studio has opted to give January the big content push and here we have a new look at how the franchise has evolved into where it is now and possibly what to expect in the future. Evolved being the term that the heads of the project have opted to use as it does feel like that is the case here. More so since they are not branding it as a reboot or reimagining of God Of War but more of the next chapter to Kratos' character development. This kind of puts a damper in the idea of the "Misadventures of Kratos Through All Mythology" that has been floated out there by some, but it does seem like the way the franchise and the industry are looking to go.

They go into all of that in a bit more detail in the following video, but in terms of basic mechanics for God Of War, it has been confirmed that jumping and double-jumping have been removed from the game to help focus on the cinematic and single-shot storytelling the team is going for. They brought the camera in a bit closer and are using this to a great advantage so far and I can see how having players just bouncing all around would make it difficult to get the desired effect everyone is going for. Let's just keep hoping it all pays off and the other aspects of the game shine as they should. That being the larger focus on the story and evoking the same emotions that Kratos and crew are going through.

God Of War — The Pitch For Reimagining God Of War

Game Informer interviews God Of War’s creative director Cory Barlog and Sony Santa Monica Studio head Shannon Studstill about the decision to reimagine the entire series for Kratos’ first adventure on the PlayStation 4.

It is worth noting that it interesting to hear Cory Barlog mention that this is more of the second chapter of the God Of War story and it needed to progress away from the vengeance tale we have been involved with for the past decade worth of titles. Just as humans evolved along, so must the demigod turned god and it makes some sense. It is the whole "give us something new but keep it the same" mentality that held the franchise where it did and now it seems like Santa Monica Studio is just going with the new and sprinkling in some of the old. It has worked well for other IPs out there and it does feel like it is time for God Of War to do just the same. My only concern is that there are other great titles that focus more on the family bond story as of late and that this will not just be the Norse version of it all with an iconic character.

I am also a fan of how they acknowledge the fact that the core gamers out there are evolving along as God Of War needed to. Sure, they could have given us another murder-spree against some mythical beasts and gods, but they are also going down the path that will hit home with more of the players and developers who have been with God Of War since the start. It also brings me joy to see the franchise that I have loved for so long trying to bring the industry I have loved for longer into the main arenas as the other major mediums out there. Long story short, the God Of War franchise was what caught my eye in terms of Video Games as a Storytelling medium. They are looking to press it even harder her and I have high hopes it will work out for the best.

How do you feel about the jump mechanics being tossed out of God Of War for the reasons given? Do you think it will break the tried and true gameplay that long-times fans know or will it do its purpose and help bring a better story to it all? How do you feel about the Video Games as a medium for Storytelling aspect that they seem to be embracing here? Let the world know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on God Of War, be sure to stick right here as we will bring it all to you with our own take on it.