A Treasure Trove Of God Of War Details Have Been Revealed

God Of War

New details and gameplay for God Of War is here and this may not be the same God Of War we are used to and looking forward to in the future

Details and gameplay for God Of War have been so sparse up to now, and they still are a bit, but it looks like it will be the main focus for one of the large outlets out there for the whole month. That means we will have a whole lot to look forward to in terms of anything out of Santa Monica Studio. Hopefully, we will get a solid release date at the end of the month for God Of War, but the team has been very adamant on it coming when it is fully ready. It seems odd for a PS4 title as they do like to promote the hells out of a title before launch, but as the game almost did not happen I guess that they will do what they need to do.

As I mentioned, there have been some new findings out of Game Informer for God Of War and also a lot of rehashing of things we already knew. The basics we were able to see out of all of the trailer so far as well as the names of things like Leviathan Kratos' ax. Then again, this is just the start of it all so I am sure we will get a whole lot more here in the coming weeks, but at least the tease for it all has a bit of gameplay that we have yet to see. Have a look at it just below and get ready for the info dump.

God Of War — Exclusive Coverage

Get ready for a full month of exclusive features from Game Informer covering God Of War on the PlayStation 4 from Santa Monica Studio, including interviews with creative director Cory Barlog and much more.

While not much is there, the GI team did take a trip to go check out God Of War just a bit more here recently. They are still being a bit tight-lipped, but as some of the details out of the digital version of the magazine have been mentioned in the below video, things could be a bit more confirmed. Like the fact that Kratos will not be able to jump, there will be a map, and the whole game is played without using any camera cuts or the need to do massive zoom outs to give the scale of things. That also means that there is a bit of merit to the mention of an upgrade system that is different than we know for God Of War. That and if this game does well, we could see future titles move right along to Egypt or Mayan eras. That could be nice and interesting.

God Of War — Studio Visit Impressions

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson and Joe Juba talk about their trip to Santa Monica Studio to learn all about the development and gameplay of God Of War on the PlayStation 4.

To wrap things up a bit more here for God Of War, we also have a nice rapid-fire interview that was done with Cory Barlog about the game. A lot of which is just silly and fun things about the franchise, but it does look like we could glean a few extra things if you want to read into a few of the responses. It is the internet so that is always a thing. Especially when they get to more of the story and parts of the religion that we may get to see in the final game. I will not spoil any of it for you as it could ruin some of the surprises of God Of War at the end of the day, but you can see it in action right here.

God Of War — 102 Rapid-Fire Questions

While visiting Santa Monica Studio to learn about the game, Joe Juba sat down with creative director Cory Barlog and volleyed over 100 questions his way about Kratos' next adventure.

Were you able to learn much more about God Of War that you had yet to learn so far? Do you like the fact that the combat has been changed a bit that it will feel a lot different from the core of the franchise or will that turn you off to giving this "reboot" a try? Did you read into more of the rapid-fire questions that we had above and what was it that you were able to catch? Let us know down in the comments and as always feel free to discuss. We will be coving God Of War as much as we can, so be sure to keep coming back here for all of those updates and twists we may be able to uncover.