Get Ready For A New VR Puzzle Shooter With Cold Iron

Cold Iron

A new VR title named Cold Iron is coming to us all soon and Cold Iron looks to give us all a new type of game to play in the space that we have yet to experience

It looks like we are getting a new VR experience here as we have Cold Iron announced here and hitting the PSVR, Oculus, and Vive on January 30th. That is of this year and not next, so we have quite some quick turnaround here from Catch & Release who is putting it all together for us. It is even more impressive as it also sounds like they are trying to kick off a new genre type in the VR space with Cold Iron. At least that is how it is all sounding at this point and we will have to wait to see if that all pays off in the end. I know I will keep hopes high as we always need innovation in the industry, but only time will tell.

So, now that we have Cold Iron announced, just what is it besides a VR title? As it sounds, it is a gun-slinging style game that will pit us into some interesting Puzzle-Shooter combat with some Boss Rush gameplay. All of with set in a western feeling world that is filled with magic and mystery as well. Or, plain and simple, it sounds like we will have waves of "boss fights" that we will need to figure out how to shoot down and not get killed in the process. If it sounds like I am being vague, that is because this is most of the information we have. Even with the following trailer that does not really show off much of the gameplay we can expect. Unless we are only supposed to ride a horse the entire time.

Have a look at the announcement trailer for Cold Iron here and then take a look at the basic information we have. Given that the game is supposed to launch in a few weeks, one would think that Catch & Release would show some actual gameplay. Even if it was not completely representing it as it is a VR title and that can be hard to show, it would be nice to see just what is going on in Cold Iron. I mean, if they are creating a new genre type for the medium it would be nice.

Cold Iron — Announcement Teaser

Cold Iron is a virtual reality puzzle shooter starring a demonic pistol, a mysterious gunsmith, and you. After outlaws ride into town and gun down your father, you take your father's revolver and set off in search of answers. A parade of deadly duelists stands in your way. Every enemy is unique, from a riverboat gambler to a rolling fortress from the distant future. You must see through their deception, react with lightning quickness, and aim with care to overcome the challenges that stand between you and the truth behind your father's murder and the magical gun on your hip.


  • Puzzle Shooter: The most lethal challenge in VR—speed, accuracy, and cunning combine for a heart-pounding adventure.
  • Action Packed: Split-second showdowns against notorious outlaws, sorcerers, and unstoppable killing machines.
  • The Weird West: Forge a dark pact with Cold Iron to avenge your father's murder.
  • All The World's A Stage: A complete narrative experience told in bite-sized VR chunks, Cold Iron is a story rich with gripping voice acting and thought-provoking characters.
  • Into Another Dimension: Explore new worlds filled with lightning-fast gunfighters and long-forgotten beasts.
  • The Future Is Here: Cold Iron is a new genre for a new medium. Experience it exclusively in virtual reality.

What are you thinking about Cold Iron as it all sits currently? Does it sound like it could be an interesting twist on what we know or will it end up being another shooter in the VR space? Do you think that a Boss Rush system will work well in VR or would it be too frantic for players to get behind at this point? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. If we learn more on Cold Iron, we will have it here. Be sure to keep checking back in on the site often so you can see it all.