Learn Some New Songs Of Fe With Some New Gameplay Footage


Five new minutes of Fe gameplay footage has been released into the wilds and it gives us a new feel for Fe as well as how some of the core elements will handle

We have some new gameplay for Fe here and it is somewhat a new and fresh look at the game since it was all first announced. It has been a while since then and now we have a little bit of a guided tour through part of the game with Zoink at the wheel. I will take all that I can get for Fe at this point as we should only have a few more months to wait for it to hit the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC this year. At least if EA has anything to say about it and wants to get this “cutesy” title out to us to explore and have a good time with. At least if games like Journey and Shadow Of The Colossus were your jam back in the day.

What we have here for Fe today is a nice five-minute bit of gameplay that shows how we will be able to befriend many other animals and creatures in the world to try to complete specific objectives. Here we are tasked with trying to free a large deer with the aid of a small bird and our own abilities to glide and climb around the map. That and using our special "song" to get the creatures on our side from the other monsters out there. All so we can learn more songs and then try to open up more of the world and options we may have missed out on before. Have a look and see just what I am talking about here and then get ready to wait just a bit longer.

Fe — 5 Minutes Of Gameplay

One of the developers of Fe shows off your ability to bond with animals in the beautiful action-adventure, out in 2018.

How are you feeling about Fe based on the new footage we have here today? Do you further agree that it looks like Zoink is blending those other two titles together or do you see little in the connections for all of that? How many songs and other creatures do you think we are going to have to interact with and "save" when the final game is released? Place all of your thoughts and feelings about Fe down in the comments and then discuss as you wish. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of Fe in the coming weeks and month all to get ready to hit that release window, so be sure to stick around here to get a view of it all before then.