God Of War Has Been Rated By The ESRB & Holds Some Surprises

God Of War

The ESRB let loose the rating for God Of War and it looks to hold a few interesting facts for this God Of War title that we did not know

Even though it has been taken down, it looks like God Of War has been rated by the ESRB and it has offered up a few interesting tidbits for the game that we have yet to find out. Sadly, there is still no solid release date for the game but it does look like Santa Monica Studio has opted to leave a few of the franchise staples out in this go. One of the bigger aspects of it all happens to be the nudity that we have seen in all of the other God Of War titles to date. It makes sense in the long run to me given the state of Kratos in the world now, but it is something that has caught the attention of quite a few gamers out there. It seems weird that this would be one of the things everyone focused on for the PS4 title, but it is what it is.

From the sounds of the rest of the rating, it looks like we may be seeing the classic God Of War weapons make it back into the game. At least from the sound of double-chained blades being in the mix of the weapons we will be using. It also looks like we will be taking on dragons with Kratos as well. Good thing that we all focused on the lack of nudity there. We also may have missed the fact that we may be getting a similar "magic item" system as we had in God Of War III as it does list that Kratos does take "trophies" from certain kills. In particular, a severed head, which any fan will remember was what Kratos did to Hermes in the last major addition to the franchise. It could be something as minimal as a key for a puzzle, but it does ring true with what we have known for the franchise thus far.

As I mentioned, the official rating has been removed from the ESRB but we do have the text and screenshot of it just below. This also may signal that the rumored release date for God Of War may have been a bit more on the accurate side as they usually do the rating for games about a few months out from launch. March 23rd was the rumored date that showed up on the PS Store and that would put us all in the correct timeline. For now, it is still rumored though, but it fits the usual God Of War in March thing.

God Of War — ESRB

“This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of half-human, half-god-like Kratos as he battles supernatural forces with his son. From an over-the-shoulder perspective, players travel through the Norse wilderness and use axes, double-chained blades, and swords to battle various enemies (e.g., rival gods/demigods, monsters, dragons, skeleton warriors). Combat is frequent and often bloody, with characters punching and kicking each other repeatedly, using bladed weapons to slash/stab/impale enemies. Larger enemies and bosses are dispatched in more intense sequences of violence: Kratos slashing and stabbing a dragon’s tongue; a character using an ax to hook and tear off an ogre’s jaw. During one sequence, players decapitate (off-screen) an imprisoned character and carry the severed head around; headless corpses also appear in other scenes. The words “fuck” and “asshole” appear in the dialogue.”

What do you think about God Of War removing out the Nudity and Sex stuff from the game? Do you agree that it fits with the "grown-up" Kratos we are going to be getting in the game or do you think that Santa Monica Studio has other things in there that would have pushed the title past an M-Rating and made the choice to remove the nudity? Do you think that the dragon fights will be bigger mini-boss fights or will they be mixed in like the cyclops fights from before? Let us have all of those thoughts of yours down in the comments and then discuss. As we get more for God Of War, we will place it up here on the site. Make sure to keep checking back in to make sure you know it all.