See The Truth With Your Own Eyes With Far Cry 5's Larry Parker

Far Cry 5

Meet another of Far Cry 5's cast of NPCs who will be handing out quests and making sure that Far Cry 5 is filled with even more insanity than even

As if Far Cry 5 was not already going down the crazy train path with the Eden's Gate Cult we are going to have to be fighting, we now get some of the other crazy conspiracy theorists mixed to hand out quests and missions. I am going to guess that Ubisoft ran into a whole lot of these kinds of people out there when taking their scouting trip and now we are going to have to deal with it. Unless the latest NPC, Larry Parker, here is the only one of his kind in Far Cry 5. It is possible but it is also possible that we will see many other quests handed out in this manner. We will see for certain on March 27th I guess. Barring any further delays and such.

As you will see below, Larry here is one tinfoil hat away from a true nut job in Far Cry 5 but he will be sending us out on some missions that deal with aliens and all of the other things the government does not want us to know about. Maybe even that we are supporting the zombie dinosaur insurgency in Koreatnam and the CIA is funding the space vampire invasion. You know, the normal stuff we should expect here. It could also just boil down to a few "fetch" quests that truly have nothing else to do but to give us more to experience in this vast open world. Either way, you can have a look at the character and one of the missions in the latest gameplay video.

Far Cry 5 — Crazy Larry Parker

Far Cry 5's Larry Parker is one of the many characters you'll meet in the game, and one of the few who isn't worried about The Project at Eden's Gate. He's more concerned about his crazy conspiracies, and a greater threat, to all mankind.

Maybe it is just me, but do you still some solid glitches in Far Cry 5 based on this build? Like the fact that the helicopter does not actually land before the player can go through the normal exit animation. Then there is the enemy that just falls out of the other helicopter when the player did not even shoot anything but the bottom of it all. Maybe the bullets went through the floor, but it does not seem likely the body would have "jumped" out the side instead of just riding it all down to the fireball that did come. This is most likely why we had the delay for Far Cry 5 so Ubisoft can try to iron all of that out. At least that is the true hope here.

What do you think about Larry Parker here in Far Cry 5? Do you think that he will fit right into the Montana location or will it just be another reason to have more side missions and a bit more humor? Could we just have seen why the game was delayed or were these "glitches" just random events that they cannot get around? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Far Cry 5 comes out, we will have it here. Keep checking back in on the site to get all of those updates.