The Forest Is Branching Out To Other Platforms Now

The Forest

As the Early Access for The Forest comes to a close, it looks like The Forest is now set to land on other platforms than just PC now

We are getting close to the date where The Forest will finally be leaving its Early Access state for those PC gamers out there who are enjoying. It has been close to four years now that Endnight Games has had it in this state but, as they are a small team trying to make a massive open world, survival game it is forgivable. Even more so now that we know The Forest is launching fully in 2018 and now it is leaping to the PS4 as well. Yep, there will be another title in this genre for us to sink more of our time on that platform now. We are getting to a point where we do truly need more hours in the day to be able to keep up now.

For those who are not familiar with The Forest as of yet, we take control of a character who must survive in the titular forest after their plane crashes and witnesses their son being kidnapped by "cannibal" for "cannibal" reasons. They then need to not only try to figure out who the true enemy is in The Forest as well as survive by scrounging items and building all forms of items to help stay alive. This ranges from shelters to weapons to traps all to better survive the random encounters with the weird things that live out there as well as the elements. It sounds a lot like Don't Starve or DayZ to me, but Endnight Games is trying to make sure it stands apart in the end.

Have a look now at the latest trailer for The Forest that came with the announcement of the extra platform being added in to the mix. It is labeled as a multiplayer trailer to show off that we can team up to do all of the things as mentioned. We will see how it all plays out in 2018 though.

The Forest — Multiplayer Trailer

The Forest, coming to PlayStation in 2018! Build a small camp or a large ocean side fortress. Craft weapons from sticks and stones. Fight to stay alive against a vicious enemy force. Experience in singleplayer or with friends in cooperative multiplayer!

Does the fact that The Forest is coming to the PS4 get you more excited for the game or has it been too long in the oven that you forgot all about it? Do you think that it will truly stand apart from the other titles in the genre or will it be the same game with just a fresh coat of paint on it? Do you think that it should have PSVR or any VR support at all to give you that extra level of immersion into the game's world? Put all of your thoughts and ideas down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will keep bringing you all that we can for The Forest, so be sure to stick around on the site to keep up to date on it all.