New Details For God Of War Have Been Floated Out There

God Of War

Out at PSX God Of War was on display with the same trailer we have had, but there were new details for God Of War mixed in

One of the things that many people were hoping to hear out of this year's PSX was a solid release date or any real update to God Of War since we had the new trailer out of Paris Games Week. Sadly, the event has come and gone and very little else was doled out there from Santa Monica Studio for it all. The developers did have a nice little sit down to discuss the game as well as a few extra words on the gameplay clip we had back in October. Still no release date or gameplay for God Of War, but there were a few exciting things to note. So the rumor still persists that March 22nd will be the day we get the game on the PS4 as well as all of the other ones.

A few new tidbits to add to all of the God Of War fun is that it is now estimated that the core game will now run us all about 25 to 30 hours to complete. Given that there are many other areas to venture into and explore, like the one in the aforementioned video, it could take a bit longer complete. So there is that as it was originally only slated for about 15 hours of play before now. Which, of course, would make this one of the longest God Of War titles to date if that is how it all pans out.

The other thing that was brought up for God Of War was the creature we see at the end of the PGW trailer and what it is. It was confirmed that it was a quick look at the Revenant creature as well as a basic description. More or less, they are humans that have gone too far into Seidr Magic and have lost their human brains as well as their physical look. There is no word on if that will play into anything further or just a nice flavor for one of the beefier monsters Kratos and his son will have to take on. Like I said, all pretty light, but something new to talk about.

God Of War — PSX 2017

Santa Monica Studio's Cory Barlog offers insight into God Of War gameplay previously released at Paris Games Week.

Are you glad to hear that God Of War will be almost twice the length that we were once told? Do you think that it could be longer with the lack of linear path we will be forced down now or is this the new number based on all of the exploration that could happen? Do you think that the Revenants will play in deeper to the story or will it all be the flavor to fill in the world? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. As always, when we get more for God Of War we will place it here. Just keep checking in for all of that in due time.