God Of War's Release Date May Have Slipped Out There

God Of War

It looks like we may have the release date for God Of War out there as some eagle-eyed gamers spotted something interesting on the God Of War page

Time to add a few more rumors out there as we may have spotted God Of War's release date out there in the wild. This may be something that Santa Monica Studio was trying to hold until the PSX this weekend, but it looks like the PlayStation Store in Chile and the U.S. may have jumped the gun a bit. Even though it has all been fixed and showing a date before the end of 2018, it looks like we may be seeing God Of War hit the PS4 on March 22nd. At least if you want to believe the flub here as something concrete and not just a mix up with the pre-order page for the game. It could be nothing, but it could be something.

You can see the original screen grabs of all of this from before everything was fixed just below as well as the original posts about it. While all of this can be confirmed as not photoshopped currently, there is some doubt to be cast on the actual date that we have here for God Of War. The big thing is that the 22nd is a Thursday and generally PlayStation games do not hit outside of Tuesdays or Fridays. Anything is possible, but that is a red flag on my end to see that this is not the true release date. Stanger things can happen though and we may see God Of War hit outside of the norms to play up the Thor's Day thing, but I am doubtful on that.

God Of War — Release Date God Of War — Release Date

Seeing that God Of War is having a large showing at the PSX this year, I have a feeling we will get a solid release date out of all of that or at least an amazing demo from Santa Monica Studio for it. Fingers are crossed that we could see a demo hit for all PS4 users out there so those who could not make the event can have a shot, but that could just be a dream. Especially as one of the things going on for God Of War out there as well is to have your head shaved, painted, and then dressed as Kratos. Something I did back when the third game was released and does not need to be repeated yet. But I am digressing from the topic there.

What do you think about this possible release date for God Of War here? Could this be a real thing and the PS Store flubbed in advance of the big announcement or could it just be a different flub that was caught and made a bigger deal of? Do you think it would make sense to release on Thor's Day to play up the Norse side of it all or will we stick to the traditional release dates for our games? Let everyone out there know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on God Of War, and hopefully a release date, keep checking back here to see it all. We are all over this title and will keep it all coming at you.