It Is Time To Spin Up SOMA Again In Safe Mode


The release for SOMA is here for the Xbox One and with it comes a new mode for SOMA called Safe Mode

For some of you out there, the wait is finally over and you can play SOMA now as it is here for the Xbox One now. Only a bit of time after it hit the PS4 and PC, but sometimes that is how games go and thankfully Frictional Games did not want to leave anyone out there in the cold. Sure, you could have given SOMA a try on any of the other platforms out there, but now it is here to cover all of the spread san the Nintendo side of things. Maybe that will come but most likely not. Although the new mode that is coming to the game today could make that a possibility maybe as we will now have the option to play the game in Safe Mode.

This Safe Mode may not be what you think it may be as in SOMA it is not something that runs the game in lower computing resource mode. It is a new mode that is hitting the PC and Xbox One version of the game that allows you to play the game without the worry of getting harmed. Yes, a horror game that removes out the fear of getting hurt. It does not make sense, but it is a thing here and you can give it a try. PS4 owners of SOMA will get the chance too at a later time. I am guessing once it goes through all of their normal testing and certification over there at PlayStation. We will see.

While Safe Mode removes out the fear of harm in SOMA so you can experience the story, it may not be a simple way to play the game. You will not be able to fight back against enemies in the game when the mode is active and you will need to run away instead. Or outsmart them and move along. Again, without the fear of harm I am not sure why you even need to run as if all they do is block the exits, what is the fear of death in SOMA? That sounds like it turns in into a puzzle game instead if all you have to do is run and outsmart. Maybe it will handle different, but that is how it all sounds for now.

SOMA — Safe Mode

Isolated within the ocean’s depths, chaos has overtaken the PATHOS-II facility. Twisted creatures and corrupted robots strain the boundaries of human identity as you seek to uncover the truth, locate the last remaining inhabitants, and take part in the events that will ultimately shape the fate of the station.

With the addition of Safe Mode, players can choose to immerse themselves in the story while staying free from harm, or to leave all dangers enabled for the original SOMA experience. Just remember, there is no fighting back. Either you outsmart your enemies or you get ready to run.

Are you excited to get to play SOMA on the Xbox One now or has the game been out too long on other platforms to grab a new audience? How do you feel about the Safe Mode here and do you think there will still be a horror aspect in the game? Could it still all be fun if there is no fear of being harmed in the game? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. If there is more for SOMA out there, we will have it on the site. Keep checking back in to keep as up to date as you can on all of it.