Biomutant Has A Load Of New Screenshots To Dig Through


More screenshots for Biomutant are out there, we have them to look at, and so we can try to make head and tails out of Biomutant's current status

I hope that you were looking for some new screenshots for Biomutant, as that is what we have here for you. You most likely caught wind of all of that from everything above, but since Experiment 101 has taken the time to put them all together and THQ Nordic has doled them all out, it is worth taking the time to give it all a little build up. A release date for Biomutant would have been nice to come along with it all here, but we will have to take what we can get for now and some new screenshots are just about it. At least these ones seem to show off more than just the little "rodent" that we will be controlling when the game finally does launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018. Please let it be early 2018 and not later in the year.

Anyways, here we go with the latest batch of Biomutant screenshots. All of which is very atmospheric and we will be able to customize our friend in the game and see some of the other weird creatures in the world. I know I am seeing a Cerberus type of creature out there that we are going to have to take down in the game. It also looks like there will be some fun traversal in Biomutant as it looks like we have a rock wall of sorts to climb at some point. Not all too shocking when all is said and done, but…wait… is that a giant robot ducky out there? I think it is…

Biomutant — Screenshots Biomutant — Screenshots Biomutant — Screenshots
Biomutant — Screenshots Biomutant — Screenshots Biomutant — Screenshots
Biomutant — Screenshots

Now I have a few more questions about Biomutant and the world that we will be in at some point. The gameplay and such that we have had so far from THQ Nordic has shown an extremely colorful world with all kinds of strangeness, but now it looks like we may have more to look at besides just mutants. I mean, this robot duck does have a machine gun and is kind of built like the Terminator here. Now I am curious to see what else could be lurking out there from the minds of Experiment 101. Someone or something had to build this and I am sure it will be part of the branching narrative of the game in some manner.

Do all of these new images for Biomutant get you more excited for the game or kind of leave you in the same spot? What do you think of the art style that is being used to craft this world or do you think it could be too stylized and detract from the rest of it all? What other weird things do you think will be mixed into the game here based on what we just saw? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we scrounge up more on Biomutant, we will post it all here. Make sure to keep checking in on the site to make sure you get to see it all before the official launch of the game.