Noctis Unsurprisingly Joins The Roster For Dissidia Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

Noctis joins the fight in Dissidia Final Fantasy and we get another Final Fantasy stage added in from one of the more classic titles

Even though Dissidia Final Fantasy hit arcades a few years ago, it looks like there are always new characters getting added in from the expanding worlds that Square Enix is putting out there. While we still have a bit of time until we see it on the PS4 on January 30th of 2018, it does look like the fighting roster will keep getting those expansions from Team Ninja. Especially now that we can see that Noctis will be joining in from Final Fantasy XV. Not the biggest of surprises indeed, but now we know it and we can also see him in action in the game. He is truly getting all around here in all of the IPs now and I have a feeling this will not be the last time either.

The following trailers we have here for Dissidia Final Fantasy show him off in regular combat as well as in a "move list" format all to be enjoyed. Sadly, at least for those who do not speak Japanese, the explanations and descriptions are not really there, but you can see him in action. It does look like the combat from Final Fantasy XV has just been moved over, but that could have all just been the base for the game in the first place. That or the new combat system for the most recent tile was just a clone of this one. Either way, it looks just like one playing FFXV and just has all of the other characters from the other iterations of the franchise.

Dissidia Final Fantasy — Noctis Battle

Noctis from Final Fantasy XV joins the battle in Dissidia!

Dissidia Final Fantasy — Noctis Moves

Square Enix's arcade title "Dissidia Final Fantasy". A special site that will support Gattori with this popular production in progress, being released within This time, we deliver a video introducing Golveza's technique from Final Fantasy IV. In addition, Golveza was released prior to November 16, 2017 to players who met certain conditions in "Struggle of Gods" from November 9, 2017, and general release was during late November 2017 Planned to be.

In addition to Noctis coming on over here, it looks like we are getting another stage mixed into the game here from Final Fantasy VIII. You can see that little introduction below and see how the area has been upgraded from what we all remember to something truly "next gen" here. It is rather impressive and you get to see more of that fun combat in the lands. Not too shabby here. Now if only the wait was almost over and we could get the game now.

Dissidia Final Fantasy — Promised Place

New stage "Promised Place" from "Final Fantasy VIII!

What do you think about Noctis joining in the fun of Dissidia Final Fantasy here? Do you think more for that game will make it into the game here or will he be the only addition from that title? Who else would like to see make it in before we get the game in our homes next year? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. As we get more on Dissidia Final Fantasy, we will have it here. Keep checking back in to see it all.