This Week In Video Games 11/20/17 — 11/24/17

Video Games

A lot has gone on this week in video games. Here is a recap of what we covered in the world of video games on the site this week

Thus concludes yet another week in video games here. A bit of an off week, but still a pretty solid one if you were not mixed up in all of the US Thanksgiving stuff or the horrible holiday to consumerism. Although there was a lot to be had in terms of video games for all of that and with Shadow Of War and Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite already out there, you could have seen more reasons to pick them up for a lower price. Or just to finally sit back and give Hellblade or Street Fighter V some more time in between dinner plates. It is always a weird time of year, but we can all still make out from it all.

As for us over here, we have taken the time to sit back and play more of those video games out there and can say to keep an early eye out next week for a few reviews we have been working on. There are so many we have to do and no we have been able to catch up. Happy days only to be led by more video games to flood in during the next month when all of that "giving" actually takes place. At least it is all time for us to sit back and be entertained away from the world and not worry about all of the horrors out there.

As with every other week now here is our list of video games we were able to cover in the news for the week. Have fun reading through all of it and hopefully you will learn something you did not know before. Until next week, have fun with all of those video games and Happy Gaming All!