Hunt: Showdown Shows Off More Of Its Gunplay & Weapons


See the weapons of Hunt: Showdown in action and learn how they have all be designed to give Hunt: Showdown a better gameplay setup

If you want more weapons and gunplay for Hunt: Showdown, then you will now have it. At least in the build-up to the Alpha release for the game and little teases that Crytek has for us here. Also, a bit more after this as I am sure we are going to be seeing a lot more of these live streams for Hunt: Showdown in due time, but for now this is where we are. A nice long video showing off how some of the weapons we will be hunting with were crafted and also how they are implemented in the game. That and a whole lot more gameplay as the devs take us back into a few matches and truly show off how the guns all work.

You can see the full stream down below, but some of the highlights of it all are that Hunt: Showdown will be using more realistic gun mechanics for the setting as well as what is good for gameplay. Seeing as the game is set during the late 1800's, we are not going to be seeing a whole lot of fancy fast-firing guns, but still very effective at what they do. It also looks like the team has gone out of their way to make reloading a strategy thing in a match as reloading a full "clip" will be faster than just a bullet or two. More or less, they are making it so you will need to manage the resources as they will be scarce, but also the time it will take to reload and get ready again.

On top of all of that, the team has looked into making friendly fire and other aspects of shooting in Hunt: Showdown better for the game's fun instead of keeping it consistent between enemies and players. That may sound a bit odd, but friendly fire will be on and do reduced damage instead of full. Also, players will not be able to use tactics like shooting out legs to slow opponents down, at least on other players, but these will still be in full effect for enemies. Pretty much anything that can be used to truly troll players in Hunt: Showdown will be turned off, but fully usable against the AI enemies. Not a bad choice at all.

Hunt: Showdown — Gunplay Experience

This week we talk about Gunplay Experience with Dennis Schwarz and Alexander Asmus! We also dive into the editor to show off some different weapons and obviously, some matches will be played. Q&A follow at the end.

What do you think about how the weapons of Hunt: Showdown are going to be handled here? Do you like the fact that there will be an extra level of realism to the reloading but not to other real-world physics? How do you think Crytek will combat the other ways gamers will troll each other to make sure the game stays fun at all times? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. We are on top of all that Hunt: Showdown has to offer and we will keep it all flowing out here on the site. Keep checking in to see it all so you can stay on top of every last nugget of info for the game as well.