Another Justice League Is Here For Injustice 2…For A Bit

Injustice 2

Here for the new Justice League film, you can unlock new gear in Injustice 2 that will get the team looking like their real-world counterparts

Maybe you have put Injustice 2 down for a bit given all of the other games that have dropped here recently, or you are still knee-deep in the action and are only going to put it down long enough to go see the latest Justice League movie. No matter the case, it looks like NetherRealm Studios is taking their shot at bringing you more of these characters to you through the game's gear system as now you can unlock the gear from the film. At least if you are willing and able to hop back into Injustice 2 and take part in the Multiverse challenges to unlock them all. That or spend the time grinding up to unlock them in the mobile version of the game. Either way, you can now get your Justice League on if you want to just play the game a bit more.

Of course, this is not the first time since Injustice 2 launched that an event like this has taken place. Wonder Woman had her own event and players could unlock similar gear based on the film in both console and mobile versions. Sadly, it looks like it will only be the gear on the non-mobile version, as it does not look like the Jason Momoa skin is making the full leap, but you can get the grittier armor and non-trident for in-game use. Although the following trailer does make it look like his face will be slapped on the mobile version of Injustice 2 so you can faun over that if you so wish. The rest will just be your basic stylized gear and such.

Injustice 2 — Justice League

Celebrate the release of the Justice League film, in theaters Nov. 17th, with special Injustice 2 events!

Starting Nov. 14th, earn gear for your favorite heroes featured in the Justice League film on both the console and mobile games

It seems like a missed opportunity here for NetherRealm Studios by not having premier skins for each of these characters in Injustice 2 based on their film counterparts. I know it would have been a pain to get done, but I am sure they could have even slapped a price tag to those and could have raked in some extra cash. It is not as if they could not have had access to 3D renders of the cast so they would not even have had to come in. Unless Warner Bros. was just hanging on to all of that for some other weird reason. I guess we may never know or we may see them all join Injustice 2 when the home version of the film releases.

What do you think about these new gear bits for Injustice 2 based off Justice League? Is it surprising at all that this would have happened or would it have been a true shock to see them all come over as premier skins at the end of the day? Could it still be a possibility or will that all be based on the sales of the film and further interest in the game? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss as usual. As we get more for Injustice 2, we will have it here for you. Keep checking back in to see and hear all of it.