Thor & Thamur Play A Part In God Of War's Story Too

God Of War

The next of the Lost Pages for God Of War are here and they go into stories of Thor and the new music for God Of War we will soon enjoy

The third installment for the God Of War podcast is here and it gives us just a bit more of the official backstory going into the game as well as some of the way the new music and score of the game will be linking into the gameplay here. If you have no idea what this podcast is, it is something that has been set up to get more of the behind the scenes stuff from Santa Monica Studio out there to us but also fill in some of the gaps between the last major addition to the game and the one that is coming here. Mostly marketing and hype for God Of War before it hits the PS4 sometime next year, but it is a fun little extra to hear about some of the Norse Mythology and how it will be altered to fit Kratos in. Not only that, but also to hear the discussion on how parts of the game that could go unnoticed will be something we may want to keep an eye or ear on.

The story we have here this time is all about how The Dead Stone Mason and Thor could link into God Of War in some way. You cannot have a good Norse story nowadays without including Thor in some way, and here we go with yet another one of the tales where he is trying to destroy a bunch of giants who just want to build a wall. Okay, there is a lot more to it than that, but that is the very base level of it all. Maybe this is Kratos being confused for the other god here or maybe it is really is Thor doing what he does and we will be bringing that to an end at some point. You can see the little teases for it all and a nice pop-up book version of the story in God Of War just below.

God Of War — The Dead Stone Mason

“The Dead Stone Mason” tells the tale of a giant attempting to protect his homeland, only to be forsaken by his only son. Join Jason Weiser of The Myths and Legends podcast as he unveils a new Lost Page of Norse Myth to reveal official backstory from the world of God Of War.

God Of War — The Lost Pages Of Norse Myth: The Dead Stone Mason

Behold the tale of Thamur, the giant Stone Mason. He was the greatest builder the realms had ever known until he encountered Thor—the great destroyer.

If all of that caught your eye, then you may want to dig a bit deeper here for God Of War by checking out the full podcast for it all. You will get a bit more of the story from above, but there is also a nice discussion on how the music and score for the game were crafted and just how it will work its way in. As it sounds, it is meant to be subtle but still make you take a bit of notice. That sounds counterintuitive, but the main composer wanted to add to the story and not overwhelm it all. Also to make sure each character had their own "theme" that could cue us to subtly knowing what is going on. There is more to all of that, so I would say you should listen to the latest podcast for God Of War that we have just below for you. Do enjoy.

God Of War — The Lost Pages Podcast

What are your thoughts on all of the mythology and how it is going to fit into God Of War here? Do you think that some of the "destroyer" acts could be the work of Kratos and not Thor or will Santa Monica Studio keep with the standard mythology and build from there? Are you interested in all of the ways the music will link into everything or do you think you will even notice it at all? Let us have those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on God Of War as it comes, be sure to be right here. We will keep all of the updates coming to the site here and you will not want to miss out on a single thing.