Lando Calrissian Is Wearing Capes & Taking Names In Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars

Another character breakdown video for Star Wars Battlefront II is here and this one shows off Lando Calrissian and just what else he brings to this Star Wars fight

Earlier in the week we had a chance to look at another of the "heroes" we would get to play in Star Wars Battlefront II that hail from the franchise's past. Now we have yet another one out there from DICE that is a huge fan favorite without being one of the main characters throughout the franchise. Lando Calrissian is here to sell us out or help us out depending on the situation and just as before, we get to see his special attacks and actions in full motion here for Star Wars Battlefront II. I am sure there will be more to come before the game launches on November 17th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

As one would imagine, Lando brings the style of gameplay that we could expect for the character to Star Wars Battlefront II. He comes equipped with Smoke Bombs to hide all of his action in the area, he also comes with an ability that will disable all of the devices in the area, and lastly, a Sharp Shot ability that looks to allow for multiple enemy takedowns in one go of it. Unlike Palpatine thought, it does not look like or has been explained if he has an AOE attached or not or some other skill to round out the four that it seems these heroes are getting. It is only a 30-second clip so there could be a few things in there that EA wants to keep hidden until launch. Either way, here is what we have for Lando Calrissian for the game.

Are you glad to see that you will get to play as Lando in Star Wars Battlefront II or was it pretty much expected? Do you think all of his skills are completely fitting for the character or would you have liked to see different things? Do you think that there is another ability that was left out of this video clip or will each of the "heroes" get a random number of actions and skills depending on what DICE wants to build? Let us all know your thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Star Wars Battlefront II, keep checking back in here. We will keep all of the updates flowing out there so you can be on top of all of your games.