Emperor Palpatine Is Still A Force To Recon With In Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars

The single player of Star Wars Battlefront II says the Emperor is dead, but we will still get to play him in Star Wars Battlefront II

There have been so many iconic characters listed that will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront II and we have yet another to look at and get ready for when it finally launches on November 17th. Even though DICE has made it sound like he is dead in the story mode of the game, it looks like we have a new look at Emperor Palpatine in action for the game. All through the use of the special heroes in Star Wars Battlefront II on top of all of that. This could also mean that there is something else hiding in the background of the game, or just the fact that EA wanted to make sure he was included when going out into the multiplayer aspect of the game. I am going to go with the later here as who would not want another icon to join the ranks.

As you will see below, Palpatine is all about the electricity in Star Wars Battlefront II and very few other aspects we have seen or heard over the franchise. Almost all of his extra abilities are based around that even though some do more than just damage the enemies out there. At least when you look at the Aura effect he will be bringing that looks to damage anyone within but also slows them down. The rest just kind of do what lightning and force lightning do while looking cool in the process. Have a look at the short clip just below. Also, have a look at the full descriptions of the moves to go along with it. He is coming and we can then have even more epic fights in Star Wars Battlefront II than we ever dreamt of.

At close range, the Emperor is especially potent, wrecking groups of enemies with his area effect attacks. The heart of the Emperor’s arsenal is his signature Force lightning. The iconic bolts of purple-blue energy fired from his hands serve both as the Emperor’s standard attack and as the basis for his special offensive abilities.

The Emperor’s chain lightning is among his most terrifying and potent attacks. A bolt of lightning strikes a nearby foe, then spreads to strike another, and another. Used against tightly-packed squads, this power is a potent equalizer, shifting the balance of power in seconds.

The Emperor can also summon a dark aura of Force energy to surround his body. Any opponent caught within it suffers a twofold effect: the aura deals damage and it slows any enemy unfortunate enough to come into contact.

Finally, the Emperor can completely lock down groups of nearby enemies with electrocute, catching them in an immobilizing area of energy and rendering them vulnerable to the Emperor’s allies.

Are you in any way shocked that Palpatine was coming to Star Wars Battlefront II as a "hero" character? Do you think that forcing everything to the lightning tree is a bit odd for the character or will it play out just perfectly well in the end? Who else are you hoping to see in action before the launch of the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Star Wars Battlefront II and its heroes, keep checking in here. We will keep them all coming and you will want to see them all in due time. Or be surprised by them at launch. Whichever blows your boat up…