Hide And Shriek Has Gone Free To Play Just In Time For Halloween

Hide And Shriek

Just in time for Halloween Hide And Shriek, the jump-scare multiplayer game, has gone free to play so get out there and Hide And Shriek

If you think back to last Halloween, you may remember the title Hide And Shriek getting a little release out there for PC on Steam. It was a little title that was a One Vs One multiplayer title all about fear that Funcom put out there while working on all of their other titles that have come out since. The may premise of Hide And Shriek is that you and your opponent are in a closed location and your goal is to get as many jump-scares pulled off on your opponent through traps, sneaking around, or any other tactics you can think of. All to get the most points and "frighten" them to death. Or at least that is the premise.

Hide And Shriek came and went and has had some updates since, but here we are a year later and the team wants us to play even more this Halloween. This want is so much that they have put the game out there for FREE now for any who opt to go and download it from Steam. Yes, it is a free horror game that you can spin up and play against all your buddies while waiting to go out Trick Or Treating or waiting to hand out candy. That is if you do not have party plans already, but at the low price of FREE, why would you not give it some time to hop in and try to scare the shit out of each other. Seems like just the kind of fun to be had this holiday.

If you want to see a bit more for Hide And Shriek before making the commitment of downloading a free game, here is the latest trailer out there promoting its new cost. It also looks like there have been a few updates added in that will be coming with the game. Either way, you will see me joining in all of the fun here soon so you should join in as well.

Hide And Shriek — Now Free To Play!

It’s that time of year again and people everywhere are deviously trying to figure out how to scare their friends, family, and neighbors in the cleverest ways possible. Maybe you want to expand this diabolical plan to include online strangers, and that’s where Hide And Shriek comes in! Funcom is excited to announce that the one-vs-one match-based multiplayer scare ‘em up is now free to play on Steam. Released during Halloween last year, the game quickly became a big hit among streamers and other content creators looking to spread a bit of horror among their viewers.

Will this new price point for Hide And Shriek get you in to try it out or does it not sound all that appealing to you? Do you think that this is a sign that the game did well as their experiment or just one more push to get more data? Did you even know about this title before it went free to play? Give us all of those tasty thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more for Hide And Shriek, we will have it here for you. Keep your eyes glued to the site here so you can see and hear about all of it as it comes.