More Details For Hunt: Showdown's Early Access Have Been Released


There is still no date on when Hunt: Showdown will be coming to Early Access, but now we know what part of Hunt: Showdown will be accessible

Last week we heard that Hunt: Showdown was going to be heading to Early Access as Crytek keeps up the hard work, but outside of that announcement there was nothing else to go on. This of course led to all kinds of extra speculation as to what would be in this version of the game and just what players would get to experience. We even speculated that it would only be about what we have already seen in Hunt: Showdown to date with another beast to hunt down and that being it. It looks like part of that speculation was correct and part of it was incorrect. At least based on the latest developer diary that is out there.

As it looks, and you can see it below, Hunt: Showdown's Early Access will be pretty much the full game in its alpha state and not just a small section of it. This could be why there is yet to be a starting date for this Early Access out there as the team is getting everything in order and then just update the visuals as needed and then use this to tweak and fix the core mechanics of Hunt: Showdown over time. All to lead up to the final build that will most likely have the visuals the team is known for but also a game that is more ours and less theirs. At least that is how Crytek put it in their following developer diary just below. Have a look and see what I am talking about.

Hunt: Showdown — Dev Diary #4 | Early Access

You know more about our plans now, but have you guessed the thoughts that loom behind them? Have you already foreseen the role we hope you will play in this future? For should you join us, you will have no small part to play.

Watch the Hunt: Showdown Early Access Dev Diary.

How do you feel about getting Hunt: Showdown in an almost full form with the proposed Early Access we have here? Do you think it is a good move instead of just giving us a small slice and letting the team focus on making the rest better? Do you think that it will look on the low-end side during this access and that it will be the visuals and a few core mechanics that will be updated during the time? Let everyone out there know what you are thinking and then discuss in the comments. As we get anything new for Hunt: Showdown, we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep checking back in to see and hear it all.