Star Wars Battlefront II Adds A New Mode & Gets A Full Breakdown

Star Wars

A new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II is here and it shows off Star Wars Battlefront II's new Arcade mode as well as everything else that is coming

We have a nice little beta for Star Wars Battlefront II on the horizon and then the full release coming shortly after that. All of this is information we know already, but for those who do not it is coming on November 17th so it is high time you start to get ready for the release. I say this as if you were not a fan of what DICE has already done with the Star War franchise and have not been ready for Battlefront II since it was announced. But there you go and now EA can be happy that you have been reminded and prepared for the following information that you are about to get.

Here we have a new video for Star Wars Battlefront II though that not only goes over all of the elements of the game and the part of the universe you will get to explore, but it also shows off a new mode called Arcade. This mode is way for you and/or a Co-Op buddy to play through a bunch of scenarios you will come across later, but here it will be only AI bots. It will have option within so you can get practice playing the parts of the game you want to get better at and use split-screen for those Co-Op games. More or less it sounds like a training mode, but you can see it all in the following video and then get ready for the Beta and then the full release.

Star Wars Battlefront II — This Is Star Wars Battlefront II

Arcade is a new mode allowing you to take on AI enemies and hone your skills across a variety of scenarios. In the Beta, you’ll have two options: a 10-on-10 team battle with AI allies and enemies, and a Hero vs. many scenario where you’ll take control of Darth Maul and fight against legions of foes on Naboo.

The Beta will provide a small taste of Arcade on the Theed map, but the full version will have you test your wits and reflexes in all three eras of Star Wars. Teamed up with AI-controlled allies, you’ll arm yourself with your favorite assortment of weapons and abilities, carefully tailoring your loadout for the battle ahead. In the full release, you’ll be able to bring the Star Cards, weapons, and unlocked abilities from multiplayer with you into Arcade. Apply your favorite fine-tuned hero and class builds against AI opponents and test out new strategies before trying them online. On consoles, you’ll also be able to team up with a friend or battle against one another in split screen versus.

Are you still overly excited for Star Wars Battlefront II or has it been off your radar for a while now? Did you learn more about the game in the above video than you already knew or was this the refresher you needed to rekindle all of that excitement? Do you see the new Arcade mode as a training mode but with more consequences here? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Star Wars Battlefront II make sure to stick around on the site here. We will keep all of these little bits coming to you and you will certainly be glad you stayed.