More Monsters Of Myth Are Coming Out For God Of War

God Of War

Another “Lost Page” for God Of War’s new mythology has been revealed and it gives us a few of the new God Of War creatures to look at


Another beast of God Of War has been released called the Revenant

God Of War — The Lost Pages Of Norse Myth – Manifestation Of The Revenant

The latest Lost Pages catalog the Revenant, a creature twisted by zealous devotion to Seidr magic.

The next "lost page" for the God Of War lore has been revealed and this one is all about a few of the foes we will being joining Kratos in slaying when the game launches on the PS4 next year. Sadly, none of the foes revealed here are anything new as Santa Monica Studio has already shown them in past gameplay and trailers, but we get nice little looks at just how they came to be in not only the game's world, but also out of the minds of the artists trying to give them life. That and we get a bit more news for God Of War and I know that has been lacking in general even though it sounds like a good portion of the game is ready to go. At least that is the word heard in the back rooms nowadays and it all could be well off from the truth.

What we have here for you now is the latest Lost Page reading followed by the latest Myths And Legends podcast that has part of the God Of War team talking about how they brought some of the monsters to life. Everything from concept art down to the animating process for it all. Even the little nuanced bits that most likely were overlooked by many in the first few trailers. Did you know that the giant stone column being swung around by the Troll in the first epic God Of War fight is actually part of the beast's religion? Most likely not, but it is all part of how the team brought the character to life and made it feel like something that could be around and not just something placed in the world to cause a challenge. The best way to tell stories in my book.

God Of War — The Lost Pages Of Norse Myth – Episode 2

“And Only Rage Remained,” the second episode of our monthly God Of War companion podcast is live. Join Jason Weiser of The Myths and legends podcast as he unveils a new Lost Page of Norse Myth to reveal official backstory from the world of God Of War.

You just heard about them, most likely, but here we have a better look at the Draugr for God Of War. These are undead warriors who did not make it into Valhalla and stalk the world looking to bring an end to any and all they come across. I am going to venture a guess that these will be the more common of enemies out there in God Of War as they look more like foot soldiers and the basic pawns we fought before. Also, given that they are zombie-like, it just make sense to be able to have multiple waves of them coming at Kratos to slow him down. Even if there is no real reason for them at the time. Seems about right for me.

God Of War — The Lost Pages Of Norse Myth – Draugr

You'll face many terrifying creatures in God Of War, including the undead Draugr.

Now you can have a look at the Fire Troll that we have seen Kratos kill multiple times over in that first God Of War gameplay. The big guy that Atreus tries to shoot and misses if you need a bit of a refresher. As it was described, the one have already seen in the gameplay was just out to have a bite to eat, but it sounds like there will be many more with other reasons to come after Kratos and son in the rest of the game. It is also interesting to see that they are being treated as full characters even though most God Of War fans will just try to kill them all when they can. But it is this level of detail that Santa Monica Studio is bringing that will make this game just a little bit extra special over the established franchise already. I love it.

God Of War — The Lost Pages Of Norse Myth – A Fire Troll Approaches

More Lost Pages of Norse Mythology reveal the Fire Troll: a solitary creature with incredible strength and elemental powers.

Did you learn more about these two enemies than you thought you would need for God Of War or were they just about what you figured them to be? Do you agree that the Draugrs will most likely be the foot soldiers of whatever battle we are joining with Kratos here? Do you like the little details for the creatures like the Fire Troll or will they be lost as your blood lust consumes you in the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on God Of War, be sure to stick right here on the site. We will have it all here for you and hopefully a solid release date in short order.