The Wrathful, “Righteous” Priest Of The Evil Within 2 Is Calling To Us

The Evil Within

Another character we will face in The Evil Within 2 has been revealed to us and this one seems tied greatly to the full story of The Evil Within 2

It is time to add another creepy character to The Evil Within 2 as here we have Father Theodore showing his face and some motives in the grander scheme of things. Details on that have been withheld, as it would spoil the game's story and surprises, something that I am sure Tango Gameworks would not be too happy about if we did even if Bethesda sent over all of that information. In the end, no huge spoilers for The Evil Within 2 here and if you really wanted them, then you will have to wait until after October 13th when the game loads up on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. We know who you are spoiler-seekers. Now to carry on.

As you will see in the following trailer we have for Father Theodore, he is another of the big brains trapped in the world of The Evil Within 2. Only he has taken the idea and twisted it to become the next "new god" to lord over the denizens of STEM and bend the world to his wishes. At least if he can get his hands on Sebastian's daughter who seems to be holding all of the true power he needs. Looks like we may have the core villain of The Evil Within 2 here with the rest filling in the roles of minor-villains but still having a huge impact on the world and characters. Read that as the others are no slouches either.

The Evil Within 2 — The Wrathful, “Righteous” Priest

Of all the characters in The Evil Within 2, Theodore is perhaps the most shrouded in mystery. Any detail about his past pushes into HUGE SPOILER territory. In other words, you’ll have to play the game in order to unlock the secrets he hides.

In Theodore’s mind, Mobius’ goals with STEM are misguided. They want to use the device as a means of controlling the populace, but Theodore believes he’s much better suited for the job than they could ever be. He sees STEM as a method for expanding his own influence, and seeks to circumvent Mobius from within their own device.

As you most likely saw in the trailer here, Father Theodore does not seem to control any of the big beast we have already seen for The Evil Within 2 here. Instead, he is in "control" of normal minds he has corrupted to becoming his Harbingers. They have flamethrowers and will stalk the world doing just what the Father tells them to do. Hopefully this means that we will now have some true moral conundrums in The Evil Within 2 as we shoot and end the lives of these "normal" people who have just thrown in with the wrong team. Or just the team that is not the player's team. That could lead to some fun I guess. Or we could all just be as horrible as the creatures we are killing in general. I guess we will see.

What are your thoughts on Father Theodore here for The Evil Within 2 as it all stands? Does it seem like the franchise needed a good religious character to bring into the mix or does the concept of it all kind of just call out for it? Do you think Sebastian would feel bad for shooting and killing these Harbingers knowing that they are just people in STEM like himself, only they have been twisted by the Father here? Give us all of those thoughts before you wake up and then discuss down in the comments. For more on The Evil Within 2 and all of its villains, keep your eyes set to the site here. We will keep it all flowing out as we get it and you will not want to miss it.