More Gameplay For Resident Evil 7's Not A Hero Is Here

Resident Evil 7

On the heels of the latest Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero trailer from TGS comes an extended bit of gameplay for this Resident Evil 7 DLC

There have been so many fun things to have come out of TGS and one of the bigger things has been the Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC gameplay. We had some official gameplay to come out of Capcom for the DLC to give us all a feel for what we will be tackling on December 12th. It looked like there was going to be some high-action added into Resident Evil 7 through this DLC, but we could not be completely certain as it could have just been the way the trailer was cut. Now that is no longer the case as we have some new footage for the DLC in action for us all to see just what it will be bringing to us and how action-packed it could be.

What we have here looks to be some recorded demo gameplay from the show floor of TGS why players took this through its paces. Well, more like they were guided through as Resident Evil 7 did not house a lot of firepower that is shown off not only in the official reveal, but also in this new extended version of it all. There are a lot of high-powered guns and grenades to be thrown around and used on the Silent Hill feeling creatures who also happen to have that Resident Evil 7 flare to them. It is almost like a perfect blending of the two titles when it comes to the creature design when you look at it.

Resident Evil 7 — Not A Hero Gameplay

The first Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero Gameplay! Japanese commentary from TGS 2017.

Sadly though, it does not give us anything more for what Not A Hero could be bringing to Resident Evil 7 outside of the return to the action shooter side of the franchise. Especially since the inventory system looks the same as we have had in the core game, but filled to the brim with firearms and explosives. I will give credit to Capcom for giving us a change up for how the HUD is displayed here in this DLC though. It would have been easy to use the same thing that we saw for hours in Resident Evil 7, but they at least made the change to show it all off in a fitting way for Chris and his gear. Even if it does feel a little bit too Call Of Duty

What say you on the new look at the Resident Evil 7 DLC here? Did it add anything new in the mix for you or does it still feel about the same as the shorter version just with a little more to look at for the guns? Did you also get the Silent Hill feel in terms of the creatures here or are there only so many ways to put together a conglomeration of limbs before it starts to feel repetitive? Give us all those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. Hopefully we will see more for Resident Evil 7's DLC before December 12th and when we do, we will have it for you. Just keep checking back on the site to make sure to see it.