This Week In Video Games 9/18/17 — 9/22/17

Video Games

A lot has gone on this week in video games. Here is a recap of what we covered in the world of video games on the site this week

Another amazing week of video games and everything in the bag. Even though it may have felt as if it was heavy handed toward a particular title, *cough* Call Of Duty: WWII *cough*, there was still a whole lot to cover. Then again, TGS was also going on so it makes perfect sense that there would be a lot of updates and news on all of the video games out there. Hells, we had a chance to see more for Resident Evil 7's upcoming DLC, then we had the Gold announcement for South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and even with Vampyr's delay we could not be brought down. Amazing week and so many more amazing video games to look at.

Now we head of to the next week and prepare for even more news and updates to follow for our favorite video games. It also looks to be a bit of a lull in the mix of it all as we have all of the new games about to hit and flood us with even more to play and look at. There really does need to be more hours in the day for all of these video games out there. How are we supposed to live normal lives when we have all of these great adventures, stories, and distractions out there? We cannot. That is how…

As with every other week now here is our list of video games we were able to cover in the news for the week. Have fun reading through all of it and hopefully you will learn something you did not know before. Until next week, have fun with all of those video games and Happy Gaming All!