Injustice 2 Is Getting Another God Of Thunder This October

Injustice 2

Raiden is joining Injustice 2 this October and is also adding another premiere skin to the Injustice 2 line up from the DC side of the fight

Here we go with our first look at Raiden coming to Injustice 2 here in October. This will be the second character in the Fighter Pack 2 DLC that NetherRealm Studios has put together for us and the second character from the Mortal Kombat franchise to make it into this game here. Not the most anticipated of characters for Injustice 2 given the demand for many other DC characters that could have taken the place here, but another one nonetheless. Thankfully, at least in most books, Raiden has been noted as the last from the MK universe that will be taking up a full character slot, but that does not mean that we may not see any more through premiere skins. Some of them could mix over pretty well but still give us more from the comic book side.

In addition to the look at Raiden here in Injustice 2, it looks like we are also seeing a new premiere skin coming right along with the character here. Black Lightning will be coming in with Raiden here to give us another DC character of sorts and also, presumably, help promote the new TV show for the character. The reason for him being the premiere skin instead of the core character has yet to be given, but he is coming nonetheless. So if you are not happy that Raiden will be in Injustice 2, just always default the skin to Black Lightning and you will only need to see Sub Zero making the cross over. You just will not get to see any of the cool gear Raiden can wear.

Injustice 2 — Introducing Raiden!

"I am of truth and light. I protect Earthrealm." Raiden is joining the Injustice 2 roster this October as part of Fighter Pack 2!

In terms of actual combat in Injustice 2 for Raiden, he looks to be a blending of all three different styles mixed into one from the last Mortal Kombat title. A lot like Sub Zero looked and felt to me. This is not a bad thing at all, but it will require you to learn a lot more of Raiden then you may have before. I know I generally stuck to one style in MKX and did not deviate. Thankfully, it looks like he will flow just as lightning in Injustice 2 while fighting the other lightning gods already running around. If only we could also get a Shazam skin to go on top here and add yet another into the mix.

Now that you have seen Raiden in action for Injustice 2, what are your thoughts on his addition? Do you think he will play well in the mix or will he be one of the roster who is left to collect dust until the next title comes out? What do you think of the Black Lightning skin and do you think we will see others in the CW world or will this be it? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Injustice 2 and the upcoming DLC, be sure to stick around here. We will keep all the updates flowing out there and you will not want to miss out on a single one.