Not Every Prisoner Wears Orange In Minecraft: Story Mode's Third Episode


The trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode's third episode is here and it looks like we will meet many other ‘prisoners’ of this Minecraft world

Here we go with the latest trailer for this season of Minecraft: Story Mode and the third episode set to hit our PS4, Xbox One, PC, or mobile devices on September 19th. We are about to hit the mid-way point of the story that Telltale Games has crafted so far so I guess it is time to start to expect all of those twists and turns to start hitting rather hard now. That is of course if they opt to go the path they normally do and aim to give us more than some fun references to Minecraft and all the things that Mojang has placed out in the world. Not that the season has been boring at all, but that there could be a deviation from the norm and we will not see everything hit a head until episode four.

This episode is titled Jailhouse Block and obviously continues the story underway in Minecraft: Story Mode's second season already. Jesse and crew have been placed in The Admin's prison of sorts and will need to figure out how to escape and get back on task with keeping their homes safe. It looks like we will be seeing all manner of Minecraft references yet again and it also looks like maybe a few new characters added in. I swear that looks like Hellboy there, but I am going to guess that it is not and just another beefy looking demon guy. I could be completely wrong though.

Have a look at the latest for Minecraft: Story Mode and then get ready to continue the adventure next week when the episode hits. You can of course pick up the Season Pass for this season of Minecraft: Story Mode or each episode on its own. There is also a physical version of the game out there for those who want to have the disc and still download the future episodes from there.

Minecraft: Story Mode — Jailhouse Block

Having bested The Admin's icy obstacles, Jesse and the gang are rewarded with a one-way trip to The Sunshine Institute, a nigh inescapable prison buried at the bottom of the world and filled with all manner of miscreants. In order to make it back home, Jesse has to find a way to break out, even if that means employing a few desperate measures…

What do you think about this new episode for Minecraft: Story Mode as it looks from the trailer? Do you think we are going to see other IP's characters mixed in like the skins the core game has or will they all be Telltale Games originals here? How far off is this trailer based on where you left off in your story or is it all lining up the same for you so far? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Minecraft: Story Mode, this season or future ones, make sure to keep checking in here to see and hear it all.