Runes In God Of War Are Going To Be A Lot More Than Just Decoration

God Of War

A recent podcast with the director of God Of War has been placed out there and it goes a bit into the details of God Of War's runic magic and their use

In the recent weeks, it would seem that we are getting new tidbits for God Of War seeping out and both on the side of gameplay mechanics and other on the side of aesthetics. Well, at least in terms of the concept art that Santa Monica Studios is using to make the game look amazing on the PS4. There have been a whole lot of those flying around as part of the marketing for God Of War, but now we have a little more to dig into here than just that. Although we do have another fresh batch of concept art pieces to look at and try to get a feel for how the game is going to look in the end. Interestingly enough, it is all tied back into the base runes in the game, as well as Atreus and what he brings to help out Kratos.

We will start off here with the new bits of concept art that have been floated out there for God Of War. More or less, these are just part of the social media campaigns that have been asking fans to decipher ancient runes that the team has put together. So far they have not made much sense, but I have a feeling they will lead up to something bigger at some point. Nonetheless, solving these "riddles" have granted us all access to see some new concept art. Here we go with all of that for now.

God Of War — Concept Art God Of War — Concept Art God Of War — Concept Art God Of War — Concept Art

All in all, really nice to look at and get a sense of God Of War here. What is more interesting though is that it all links back to these runes and this is something that has just been set down to be a much bigger thing than some originally thought. Yes, they do look cool, but as it turns out, they are all linked to the magic that Atreus will be performing in God Of War for the various reasons. Not only that, but he will also be deciphering them along the way to help solve puzzles for Kratos as the main god here does not have the understanding of the language as his son does. All in a way to better justify why Kratos is not going on another god-slaying rampage in this game.

In fact, if you take a listen to the most recent Lost Pages Podcast here for God Of War, you will hear more on all of this and also some other interesting facts about how the new mythology fits in and how other things are hidden in the world though these runes. It is a fun and interesting bit to listen to and it also seems like there is more on the story of God Of War if you want to read into the story that is told before you get to the full podcast and discussion. If only we could have a release date to look at as well…

God Of War — The Lost Pages Audio Podcast Episode 1

“Odin and the Knowledge Keeper”, the first episode of our God Of War companion podcast is live. Each episode, join host Jason Weiser (The Myths and Legends podcast) as he unveils one of the Lost Pages of Norse Myth and reveals new, official backstory from the world of God Of War.

Are you surprised to see the runes being used as they are in God Of War and do you think it will bring a richer experience for it? How many other "types of magic" do you think Atreus will use or do you think this was more of a descriptor to give better understanding without showing anything? How well do you think the whole dynamic between Kratos and Atreus will play off as they both are vastly different in personality and skill set to survive? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on God Of War as it comes, be sure to check in on the site. We will have it for sure and you will not want to miss out.