Get Ready To Take To The Sky With ThatGameCompany's Next Title


The next title from ThatGameCompany has been announced, Sky, and it looks to do just what the title says by taking us on an adventure in the Sky

It looks like the wait for whatever the next title ThatGameCompany is working is now over as we just had the announcement that it is a title named Sky. It is nice, simplistic, and looks to use the same gameplay modes that the developer has used for so long to make some amazing title. The only truly weird part is that Sky will be coming to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV before anywhere else. While no other platforms have been specifically stated as of yet, we can assume the other major players that the team is known to work with and I am hoping we get all of that confirmed later this year when Sky is set to hit those iOS devices. I would say that the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch are all easy targets with Android being in the list too at some point.

Now that we have that out of the way, what exactly is Sky in terms of gameplay? Apparently this is something that even the developers have issue with explaining with ease as there is a whole interview about it and I am still a little lost. More or less, it looks like a better way to play a game like Journey but set in the Sky and, from the sound of things, more of a family style of event instead of a traditional multiplayer title. There also seems to be a huge focus on "giving" in the game. I am going to guess that there will not be a specific way to speak to each other in the game but to progress you will be relying on the other players to do tasks or open things for you to continue your flight through the air. Again, this is all based on the following teaser and developer interview below.

Sky — Reveal Teaser

Sky has been a few years in the making. After the release of Journey, so many fans wrote to tell us how much they enjoyed playing the game with their spouse, children or loved ones, and asked if we could create a game where they could play together. We wanted as many people to love games, and so we were encouraged to explore this idea at ThatGameCompany. Which brings our games, for the first time, to mobile – a platform that many have access to, the world over.

It’s hard to explain the game, but a good place would be to say that Sky is a game specially created to be played, and shared, among loved ones and family. If you can imagine the delight of visiting a theme park where lasting memories are made, we envision Sky will sometimes feel like that. We know many of our fans have questions about what we have been up to, and so alongside a gameplay teaser video and new artwork, we have included a conversation with Geoff Keighley to share more insight into our development process with you.

Here is the interview with ThatGameCompany's creative director where Sky is slightly explained more. There is a bit more of the gameplay mixed in here, but for the finer details of the game, it looks like we are going to have to wait just a bit longer. Have a look and enjoy.

Sky — Q&A with Jenova Chen and Geoff Keighley

Following the announcement of ThatGameCompany's new social adventure game, Sky - Geoff Keighley sits down with studio President and Creative Director Jenova Chen to talk about its development.

Sky is the studio's latest multi-platform, multiplayer game coming to Apple devices first this winter.

What are your thoughts on Sky now that it has been announced as the team's next big project? Does the release on all of the iOS devices seem a bit odd to you too or do you think that it was specifically due to some financial support from Apple? Do you think the "spirit of giving" will truly come across in the final game or will gamers still be looking for a way to do it all on their own? Let us and the world know your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. Seeing as this is just an announcement for Sky, I know we will have much more in the way of information soon. Check back into the site to see what that may be as soon as it is released from the developer.