Get Ready For More Exploration When Outcast: Second Contact Lands


A new video series for Outcast: Second Contact has released to show off just how exploration will be key again in this version of Outcast that is now coming

Here we go with another reason to put on the "way back hats" as we have Outcast: Second Contact coming and bringing back some of the cult hit from 1999. Maybe you heard of it and played and maybe you have not. Given how well it sold back then, most likely you have not heard of this title from Appeal before. Outcast was the title that started off the open world game design that many now love and here we are eighteen years later with a remake of the game for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Hopefully you caught on to that coming based on everything before now. If not, then Bigben is bringing this remake back to us and we have our first looks at where the game is as it is claimed to be releasing in this October.

You can go into the history of Outcast on your own time if you have yet to hear about the franchise before now. We are here to take a look at how the game has been remastered now and to have a look at how exploration will blend into it all. Of course it will as that is one of the key reasons for open-world games to exist; all so we have the reasons and want to travel all over the map and see it all. In this case, it is an alien world where we are the "alien" trying to see it all and experience it all to save the Earth. Have a look at how the team has done so far in bringing Outcast: Second Contact to us. At least in terms of the exploration side of it all as we have to wait a bit longer to see the other aspects in the game.

Outcast: Second Contact — Gameplay Series #1 - Exploration

In Outcast: Second Contact, the action takes place on Adelpha, a vast open world to explore and the cradle of an ancient alien civilization, the Talans.

This video shows core gameplay in Outcast: Second Contact and the depth of its unique world, in which exploration is at the heart of adventure. Sacred portals, called Daokas, let you travel freely to the four corners of Adelpha from the very start of the game, as you search for your crewmates and the lost terrestrial probe.

Outcast: Second Contact is the complete remake of the 1999 classic and will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this Autumn.

I will say that I am a bit confused here for Outcast: Second Contact as it is claimed to be a "complete remake" of the original title, but it sounds like the team has just reused the same dialog here and given the visuals a bit of a polish. When we hear complete remake, it resonates that the whole thing will be remade with only what was at the game's core and story staying the same. Even then, that can be changed and others have done just that. In honesty, Outcast: Second Contact looks to be more of a remaster here instead of a remake with some of the old stuff making it through. Given the October timeline for release it is hard to believe that this could change. That is of course unless this was supposed to hit on some kind of nostalgia instead of showing off a complete remake.

What are your thoughts on Outcast: Second Contact though? Did the game capture you way back when it first launched or is this the first time hearing about it? Do you think that the term "complete remake" has been over-used here or is this just some kind of clever marketing to pull in the old crowd while not sitting well with the new? Let everyone know what you are thinking about this down in the comments and then get ready to discuss. For more on Outcast: Second Contact as we get it, be sure to be right here. We will have it all on the site as it flows out and you may not want to miss it at all.