Black Manta Is In Full Action For Injustice 2 Here Soon

Injustice 2

Black Manta has his first bit of gameplay for Injustice 2 and he shows off how well he can dominate a match and everyone in Injustice 2 this September

We saw Black Manta get the official add to Injustice 2 last week and now here we are with our first gameplay trailer for the DLC character just before he hits the game on September 12th here. There are many people excited for this character to land in the game since it became one of the least concealed secrets from NetherRealm Studios. I am not to particular excited just for the character, but I am glad to see that the Injustice 2 roster is getting expanded just a bit more and giving us all an extra rival battle to have. I know I am not part of the majority that wanted Black Manta in the game and I have come to terms with that. Now for all of those fans out there…

Last night during the stream that was held for Injustice 2 during the GameStop Manager's event in Las Vegas, the character was shown off in the normal manner that we have had since the game was announced. He looks like a bit of a technology based character as well as a mid-range style of character here. We need more of these apparently, but as I have heard this is just what we should have expected for the character. You of course do not have to take my word for it as you can see the character in action here for Injustice 2 just below. Then get ready to wait just a bit longer to see him added right in.

Injustice 2 — Introducing Black Manta!

Archnemesis to Aquaman and sworn enemy of the sea, Black Manta proves that his brilliant intellect, armored battle suit, energy beams and array of powerful weapons are more than enough to make him a worthy opponent for the king of Atlantis, as well as the other Injustice 2 Super Heroes and Super-Villains.

What do you think about Black Manta here for Injustice 2? Does he look like he will play just as you expected or has there been some other liberties mixed in that alter him from the comics? What do you think that his character power actually does in the match or do you think it is the laser eyes with the rest being his normal moves? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We still have more for this fighter pack for Injustice 2 to come and we will have it here for you when it comes. Be sure to keep checking back in to make sure you are ready for all of it as best as you can.