Secret Of Mana Is Getting A full 3D Remaster in 2018

Secret Of Mana

It looks like Secret Of Mana is getting a remaster, but this is not just a Secret Of Mana with better sprites. It is remaster with full 3D & voice overs

If you were hoping for even more blasts from the past that have the Square Enix stamp on it, then get ready as it looks like Secret Of Mana is now heading to the PS4, PS Vita, and PC on February 15th of 2018. Yes, this game from 1993 is getting a remastered version for those platforms, but the interesting thing here is that it is going to be a fully 3D revamp for the game and not just one with updated sprites and textures. Yes, we are getting Secret Of Mana in 3D and with voice-overs to go along with it. A completely new way to play this 1993 classic that we spent months of our lives with so long ago.

Currently you can pre-order this version of Secret Of Mana for $39.99 USD on the PlayStation Store or the Steam store. Doing so will score you some different costumes for Randi, Primm, and Popoi in terms of Moogle Suits and Tiger Suits. Pre-ordering on the PlayStation side will also score you three PSN avatars while on Steam you will be getting a special wallpaper for the game. You will also have a bit longer on the Steam side as you can pick up the Day 1 edition of Secret Of Mana up to a week after launch and still be able to get all of those bonuses. I am not sure why the PlayStation side of things does not get the same deal, but that is how it is.

Secret Of Mana — Announcement Trailer

Embark on an action-packed, worldwide adventure in the 3D remastered version of Secret Of Mana. Take on the role of Randi, a young boy tasked with reviving the magical power of Mana.

The battle for Mana includes many tumultuous encounters along the way; armed with the Mana Sword and joined by his two companions Primm and Popoi, Randi leads the epic quest to battle the treacherous empire as it tries to gain control of Mana.

In order to defeat the forces of evil, Randi, Primm and Popoi must befriend the eight elementals who hold the power that comprises Mana. The legacy of Mana returns as the brave warriors set forth to bring balance back to the world.

The memorable adventure of Randi, Primm and Popoi is reborn in Secret Of Mana!

I am not going to say I am not excited to replay Secret Of Mana in this new way, but I am a bit curious on how Square Enix can pump this out so fast while the remake of Final Fantasy VII is still taking so long. Granted, the latter there is using much more realistic visuals and a completely new engine, but it seems like Secret Of Mana would have been a bit harder as there was no 3D basis to start from and extrapolate upon. Maybe it is just me though. That and this was a SNES title that has been ported to mobile games so it is a bit on the smaller side of it all, but still…

How do you feel about Secret Of Mana getting the full 3D revamp that is now coming in February? Is this the version of the game you have been waiting for or would have rather seen a full 3D version of Final Fantasy VI instead? Do you think that the voice-over work will synchronize up to the lips, as it does not in the trailer here, or will it just be there to give us something to hear instead of read as the classic title did? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on this version of Secret Of Mana, be sure to stick around on the site here. We will hopefully have a lot more to share as the release date gets ever so closer.