Look At Some Of The Tools Of The Trade For Hunt: Showdown


Another developer diary for Hunt: Showdown has been released to show us some of the weapons and traps we will use in Hunt: Showdown & how they were made

We have all been waiting for more for Hunt: Showdown and now we have just a bit more as we have the next developer diary here to show off a bit more of the game. That and just a bit more on how Crytek has gone through the process to make it feel dirty and grimy and also with a bit of the real-world flair to it all. This is all something that we know they can do well already, but it is nice to get to see how they came up with the looks for some of the weapons and traps in Hunt: Showdown. That is what this latest video is all about and it gives us a nice taste of a few things we have yet to see in the game. Things like a Barbed Wire Bomb of sorts.

Yes, you read this correctly. Hunt: Showdown will have a trap in it that will explode and throw barbed wire all over the place to hinder enemies and fellow hunters out there. There are a few other items mixed in as well, but I will leave all of that for your viewing pleasure. I will also leave the pleasure of seeing just how the team went through the process of crafting each of the weapons, tools, and traps we will get to use in the Victorian era setting that Hunt: Showdown is still set in. That is also interesting for those gamers out there like myself whom happen to like to see how their games are built. True video gamers out there if I do say so myself…

Without further adieu, here is the latest developer diary for Hunt: Showdown. There is still no solid release date set for the game just yet, but there is supposed to be a beta test sometime before the end of the year if Crytek can get things in order before then. Hunt: Showdown is also aimed to launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC when all is said and done.

Hunt: Showdown — Tools Of The Trade

Hunt: Showdown’s weapons flow out into the world via the tools of his trade. And while he does not work alone, it is with this one—Senior Artist Alexander Asmus—that we were able to speak about their origins. Across an ocean, through time, and past the fourth wall we traveled, and into the florescent light of a game development studio in Frankfurt, Germany where work on Hunt is underway…

How cool is it to see a barbed wire bomb like the one we have here in Hunt: Showdown? What do you think about the style of the weapons and how they have been designed thus far in the game? What other weird and interesting tools or traps do you think that we may see here in the coming months or when the game finally launches? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. When we learn more for Hunt: Showdown, you will learn more for it. All you need to do is keep checking in on the site to catch any and all of those updates that are hopefully not too far off.