See How Hunt: Showdown Rose From The Ashes Of Another Burnt Title


The first developer diary for Hunt: Showdown has been released and goes into just how Hunt: Showdown came into existence from the fires of another title

Hopefully by now you are aware that Hunt: Showdown wasn't always the game that we all were treated to out at E3 this year. In fact, it made its first showing during E3 of 2014 under a different name and gameplay style than we've also seen here recently. Due to all of the insanity going on over at Crytek during all of the down time until we heard about Hunt: Showdown moving on from Hunt: Horrors Of The Gilded Age and trying to move forward. This is something that has completely been done based on what we all got to see, but maybe you'd like to see just how and why things went the way they did. Hells, maybe you just want a bit more and this is why I bring you the latest developer diary for the game today.

More or less this is the starting grounds for how Hunt: Showdown became the co-op multiplayer title that has us stalking around the Louisiana swamps hunting down not only monsters but other players out there trying to do the same. We've mentioned it in the past, but this was the huge new direction that came with the new title and you'll see it just below as they go into why it shifted from a Left 4 Dead style game to what we have now. You'll even get to see one of the other horror-beasts, The Butcher, whom happens to look like a Pig-Headed man that has become popular in a lot of modern horror as of late. Kind of interesting to see all of that here; at least it is for people like me who want to see how the game is made.

I'll leave you to it as there isn't much else for Hunt: Showdown discussed here that we haven't already brought you in the past and out of E3 already. This is more or less the origins of the new game and what the team over at Crytek are trying to achieve with it all. Even watching the demos, I can see how the high-tension will be there for all plays and I hope that players don't ruin it like they always seem to do with multiplayer titles like Hunt: Showdown. I guess we will all see.

Hunt: Showdown — History And Gameplay

We present the first developer diary for Hunt: Showdown, our upcoming PvP monster-hunting game. In the video, various members of the Crytek team, including creative director Magnus Larbrant and level design director Chris Auty, discuss the title’s origins, from its debut at E3 2014 to the many evolutions that brought it back to huge acclaim at E3 this summer.

Hunt: Showdown pits you and a co-op partner against monstrous creatures, treacherous environments and other teams of rival players in pursuit of dangerous bounties through the dark swamps of Louisiana during the Old West. Use stealth, cunning, bold tactics and quick-trigger instincts to evade or eliminate the competition, track down and vanquish your prey, and escape in one piece with your trophy.

Was this the first time you've learned this information for Hunt: Showdown or was this just a nice refresher? How many different 'Bosses' do you think we will get as we've only heard of two so far? Do you think that the player base will help a game like this strive or will it be the bigger hurdle to get past in the development and longevity of it all? Let everyone know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Hunt: Showdown as we get it, be sure to stay locked into the site here as we will bring you everything that we can…and then snipe you for the sweet rewards…