Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Is Showing Just How The Riff For Chloe & David Started

Life Is Strange

A new Life Is Strange: Before The Storm trailer is out now and it shows just how some of Life Is Strange's characters started to hate each other more

If you've played Life Is Strange already then you know well about the strained relationship between Chloe and her "new step-douche" David. There is no denying the level of animosity between the two characters and in the new "expansion" that Deck Nine Games is bringing to us all on August 31st we are going to see just a bit more on how all of that grew to where we saw it last. Did any of us think that it all was going to start out well in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm or just be the usual "new man" in mom's life that step-parents usually go through. Especially when mixed in with all of the grief and "angst" Chloe has going on, it wouldn't be the best of places for it all to start with.

If by some means you had no clue on how much they had issue with each other in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, you can see a new gameplay trailer for the game just below that highlights that specifically. That and a bit more on the loss that has occurred to get us all ready for the inner workings of teenage girl life we are about to experience again. Have a look and get a clue…

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm — Chloe & David

Following on from Firewalk's concert at the Mill, Chloe wakes up to a home and family that is changing before her very eyes.

Now that we have more gameplay to lead up to Life Is Strange: Before The Storm's first episode to launch, maybe it is time to dig into some of the game elements that are changing here with Deck Nine Games and the previous title that was out there. During SDCC I was allowed to give the episode a little bit of a play to get a feel for how it is all going to go. That and to see if the previous scene we saw at E3 would play out differently based on my choices and not those of the developer. At least that is what I set out to do as we've already seen a path the whole story could go down here.

Right out of the gate, this plays mostly as Life Is Strange played back when it launched. Just with the new story and protagonist we are following. Also much like any other episodic "point-and-click" title out there on the market. The main focus here is the unique story here though and not any flashy mechanics that other titles use. More so since the whole time-warping aspect has been removed here for Before The Storm and we are just going through with a traditional "your choices matter" kind of gameplay. Although in the version I played it never felt like my choices had any repercussions, but that could have been just because it wasn't even a full section of the first episode I was able to play. I'm sure they will later though.

Sadly, the one thing I loved about Life Is Strange that is now missing in Before The Storm kind of took away the charm of it all. I get that they are focusing on the story and none of the time-bending mechanics, but it feels like a move that shouldn't have been made. Or at least something else added in to give a similar effect as that was one of the things I loved about the main game. It isn't even here in the form of Chloe telling or re-telling a part of the story so we can get a small look at how things could affect the world and "right" them before moving on. It just seemed to detract a bit from what I loved before and am sad to see it have gone.

Mechanics aside, and back to the story, I do have to relent to saying that there was sure a lot of information passed directly and indirectly here in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm from the small bit I had a chance to experience. If the rest of the episode and short season can boost that up even more then the above mechanic may just be a good forgotten memory as Deck Nine has done this well so far. I was pulled in and wanted more, I just couldn't shake the feeling that it needed that aspect that made Life Is Strange unique the first time to really tie it all back in. Maybe we'll get to see that down the line, but this is where it all is as of SDCC this year.

What do you think about what we saw here for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm so far? Did you really expect there to be less of an issue between the two characters or is this about where you always saw it starting off? Are you also sad to hear and see the great mechanic of the franchise vanish or do you think that the story will be even better to carry the game than that? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Life Is Strange: Before The Storm and its future episodes, be sure to stay here on the site. We'll keep bringing you more for it all as it comes and you won't want to miss out on a thing.