Night Trap's 25th Anniversary Version Now Has A Release Date

Night Trap

The release date for Night Trap, the 25th anniversary version, has been set and is bringing some extra Night Trap features never before played

It's seems that the re-release of Night Trap only missed the initial release window by a short time, but now we know that if you are looking for the game on the PS4 and PC you can look toward August 15th now to get your hands on some of that sweat "retro" gaming action. It may not be retro in the way you all normally think, Screaming Villains are bringing it all back from the '90s for us and it falls into the category there. Even if Night Trap was all FMV and non-sprite based. You can see what you all missed out on for the game if you never had a chance before and happen to want to see just what it was all about. This is one of the titles that caused the ESRB to form after all so you know it had to have something "bad" in it. At least that is what I'm going to say for now since I had the pleasure so long ago.

Anyways, along with the release of Night Trap being set down, it looks like there will also be a lot of other extras that come along with the game. Given the FMV shots that drive the game, of course there will be some deleted scenes to watch in there. There will also be a nice little documentary based all around Night Trap and just how it was made and everything else that went on for it. It also looks like there will be the inclusion of another "game" in terms of Scene Of The Crime that looks to use the same tactics and mechanics as Night Trap, but in a different setting and also having been made years before this one ever saw the light of day. Or the glow of a basement as the stereotype goes.

Night Trap — Release Date Announcement

Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition

PlayStation 4 & Steam - 8/15/17

PlayStation 4 Physical Release - 8/11/17

Coming Soon To Xbox One

Night Trap — Scene Of The Crime

Scene Of The Crime is an unreleased prototype that was created in 1986 before Night Trap. For the first time ever, it will be available and fully playable in it's original form. It will be included with Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition.

While I know I am excited for Night Trap to get re-released and have the chance to relive a small part of my youth, I do have to say I find one thing funny about all of this; the rating the game has been given. If you notice here the re-release has been given a T for Teen rating. I find all of this funny, and a bit sad really, that the original release had so much going on behind it that it would have been given an AO rating by today's ratings. By no means am I saying that Night Trap deserves this level of rating and T is about right, but all of the insanity it spawned back then was on the level of what Manhunt and Hatred have done in the more modern times. Maybe I am a bit twisted in seeing this funny, or maybe I am not.

Could all of this just show how we have all changed as a society or just how absurd things were back in the '90s when Night Trap first released. For those who don't know, it was pulled from shelves because of the level of outcry it had back then and it sits here with a T rating now. All for the violence and assault shown against females at that. Have we as a society changed that much that we think it is okay for teenagers to see all of this or were parents back then to "up tight" about the games we all played? Could be either or, but it's just an interesting swing in things for me. Either way, I am stoked I get to truly see how horrible, or amazing, this game was without the clouded judgement of "kid eyes" here in a few weeks.

Are you stoked to see that Night Trap now has an official release date or has this passed over your radar for quite some time? Are you interested to see what else we may have missed out on from before or do you think that FMV no longer as its place in modern video games? Do you think that it is funny to see the game ultimately get a T rating given the outcry from the '90s about it all? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we come across more for Night Trap as it re-releases, we will have it here. Be sure to keep checking in so you can see and hear all of that. Also so you can get updated on when it will finally make the jump to the Xbox One.