The Lich King Is Serving Up SDCC Fun For Hearthstone: Knights Of The Frozen Throne


To celebrate the upcoming Hearthstone: Knights Of The Frozen Throne expansion there will be a Hearthstone themed Ice Cream Parlor for fans of the game

Yet another video game franchise is getting a nice showing out at SDCC and this one is not only for the new expansion Hearthstone: Knights Of The Frozen Throne, but it is also something much more than just a panel with a few little tidbits of gameplay and features. While I am sure that there will be some of this on site out there, it looks like Blizzard and The Lich King are teaming up to bring fans something they have wanted for a while; a new ice cream shop run by The Lich King. Not exactly what one would have expected for Hearthstone, but you can't knock the fact that they know how to bring the fans something truly run. Especially since it is open to anyone who wants to roam on down there and not just those who happen to have a badge.

From the 20th to the 23rd, fans can show up over at the Petco Park area near SDCC and sample two different flavors being served up out there, have a look at some of the new stuff coming to Hearthstone, and also take a picture with the purveyor of all of these icy treats; The Lich King. Not to mention that it will also be a hit bed for all those cosplayers out there looking to cool off and offer up other fans a chance for even more photos. You know, all the stuff that a good Comic Con should offer up to fans during the week. Not to mention that if you can't make it out there for this and are a fan of Hearthstone there is another thing you can do that only requires the internet and/or a phone.

Starting tomorrow, July 18th, you can call the Ice Cream Citadel at 1-855-LHC-KING and have fun with a business message from the King himself. You can also rate and review the Ice Cream Citadel and also see what fans are posting about it during the convention all over on Yelp. Just look up The Lich King's Ice Cream Citadel and you'll be good to go. Not a bad little thing for those Hearthstone fans out there who are looking forward to Knights Of The Frozen Throne to finally drop out there for the game.

Hearthstone: Knights Of The Frozen Throne — The Lich King’s Ice Cream Citadel

Amidst the sweltering San Diego heat, mortals and the undead alike scream… for free ice cream. Blizzard Entertainment today announced the grand opening of Ice Cream Citadel, a pop-up ice cream shop that celebrates Knights Of The Frozen Throne, the upcoming expansion to Hearthstone, Blizzard’s smash-hit digital card game. No San Diego Comic-Con® badge is required, so all are invited to stop by for a free Frozen Cone as well as a photo op with the Lich King, Lord of the Scourge and ultimate purveyor of death and icy treats.

Located in the PetCo parking lot just a short walk from the San Diego Convention Center, Ice Cream Citadel will provide visitors with free ice cream in two flavors: “Villain-illa” and “Scourgeberry Sorbet.” In partnership with Yelp, Blizzard has also created a Yelp business page for the pop-up, titled “The Lich King’s Ice Cream Citadel,” where users can rate, review, and post photos of their experience. Starting July 18th, those brave enough to call the business (1-855-LCH-KING) will be greeted by the Lich King’s chilling voice.

How awesome is this little experience that they are putting on for Hearthstone here? Will you be able to attend, or just now putting it on the schedule, or will you be enjoying it all from home? Do things like this get you jazzed up for expansions and games or is it all just buzz to keep fans out there entertained while the wait continues? Let us and the world know down in the comments below. We'll be out at SDCC and plan on checking this all out while it is going on. Be sure to keep checking the site for all of those updates as the week progresses on.